Customize Workstation Settings - Colors Tab

Access this tab using Options>Customize Workstation Settings.

Use this tab to customize the colors of your system tables and required fields.

Note: Preferences that you set here, will be retained by the system, even if you uninstall the current version and reinstall a newer one.


Note: All possible options are discussed below. The form may not include every option identified; it changes depending on which system you are logged into.

Highlight Required Fields: Select this option to have the system display the selected color in all fields that are required. If a field is required in certain circumstances, but not in others, the system will not highlight that field regardless of whether this box is selected. This attribute does not apply to tables. Click the Color button to select a highlight color.

Table/Drop-Down List Pattern: Select a grouping number and the line shading colors to change the display attributes of your tables. For example, if you select "2" from the grouping drop-down, white as the line shading color, and gray as the alternate line shading color, the tables and drop-down lists display the first two lines of information in white and the next two lines of information in gray. This sets a pattern of alternating white and gray lines every two rows. Therefore, this attribute applies to both tables and drop-down lists.

  • Grouping: Select a number from the drop-down list to vary the line shading and alternate line shading colors. Select "1" to alternate between the colors selected in the line shading and alternate line shading boxes. Select "2", "3", or "4" to increase the number of lines of each color that display. Zero turns this feature off.
  • Line Shading: Click the Color button to select a line shading color.
  • Alternate Line Shading: If available, click the Color button to select an alternate line shading color.

Drill Down Tables Level 1, Level 2, Level 3: Click the Color button to select the color for each level in the drill down tables. The system displays the colors selected for each level in the Activities>Display Balances tables and the Activities>Requisitions>Manage Requisitions table.

Colors perform differently when using Drill Down in reports because the color levels are applied to specific Drill Down levels as defined below. So, when a drill down level is not applicable, that color level will not display.

Color Level applies to

Drill Down Level

Level 1

Level 1 - Balances

Level 2

Level 2 - General Ledger

Level 3

Level 3 - Numeric Columns

Level 1

Level 4 - Document Detail

Level 2

Level 5 - Transaction Detail

Reset Colors: Click this button to reset all color boxes back to the system default colors.