Customize Workstation Settings - User Tools Tab

Access this tab using Options>Customize Workstation Settings.

Use this tab to add, delete, or edit custom menu commands. The custom menus appear on the Options menu.


Menu Contents: This box contains a list of custom menu items. Once added, these commands appear on the Options menu.

Menu Text: Enter the descriptive text for the menu item that you are creating. The ampersand character—&—is placed before the menu item's accelerator key (that is, the keyboard letter that activates the menu item).

Command: This is the command for the designated menu item. You might enter the name of an executable (*.exe) file, for example.

Arguments: Enter the applicable arguments for the current command.

Initial Directory: Enter the directory in which the command starts working.

Add: Click this button to add a new menu item.

Remove: Click this button to remove a selected menu item form the Options menu.

Move Up/Down: Click this button to move the selected menu item up or down in the Options menu.