Print Setup

Access this form using File>Print Setup or Print Setup, which is found throughout the system.

Use this form to select the printer and set up default printer information. You can choose the Printer and set the Paper Orientation, Size, and Source.

The system allows you to set up two different printers—one for forms and one for reports—using File>Print Setup>Form or Reports. For example, you may want to always print your checks on a form-loaded printer and your reports on a laser printer. If a printer is not set up, the system uses the default printer specified in the Windows system.


Printer Name, Status, Type, Where, Comment: Select the printer you want to use. The system displays the status, type, and where the printer is located.

Paper Size, Source: Either accept the default paper size and source, or select any available option in the Size and Source drop-down lists (depending on the selected printer's capabilities).

Orientation Portrait, Landscape: Change the print orientation to either portrait (page is taller than it is wide) or landscape (page is wider than it is tall). The sample page changes shape as the options are changed.

Properties: Select this button to open a form that has advanced print options, such as non-standard paper sizes, special graphic settings, device options, and an option for postscript output.

Network: Select this button to open a form that allows you to connect to a Network printer.