About SQL Clustered Indexes

What is an SQL Clustered index? An SQL clustered index is a layer of on-disk organization over SQL tables that physically reorders the table rows in based on the information in one column.

Clustered indexes improve performance. Having a sequential clustered index makes inserts more efficient because rows always insert on the last data page. It also speeds searches, because the search has only to scan the row ranges given by the index. It does not have to scan the entire table.

About SQL Clustered Indexes in netFORUM

netFORUM has used clustered indexes to organize the rows of data in SQL tables since its inception. Originally, the clustered indexes were organized based on the Primary Key uniqueidentifier key data type column in their associated tables. In releases 2015 and 2016, the clustered indexes are organized based on the add_date column. This change allows all non-metadata tables to be connected to a clustered index, streamlining more of netFORUM's tables.

Note: If you think your association can benefit from this change in how clustered indexes are organized, contact Abila support for more information about how clustered indexes are updated.