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About Cacheable SQL Statements

Viewing SQL Trace Comments

netFORUM developers embed system-defined trace comments that can help with testing and evaluating system performance and behavior. To view these comments, configure the web.config file in each of the netFORUM applications (i.e. iWeb, eWeb and xWeb). Configuring the web.config file adds these trace comments to the SQL statements generated by your netFORUM activity. After that, you must set your netFORUM User Preferences so that you can view these comments. Use the following procedures configure netFORUM so that you can view these comments in your SQL trace tool (usually SQL Server Profiler).

You must have administrative privileges in the Web server and in netFORUM to perform the following procedure.

To configure the web.config files, use the following steps:

  1. Login to each netFORUM Web Server as an administrator, depending on the netFORUM application you want to modify.
  2. Find the web.config file for the following applications within netFORUM:
    1. iWeb
    2. eWeb
    3. xWeb
  3. Open the web.config file and look for the attribute debugMode.

    Example: In the <appSettings> section:
    <add key="debugMode" value="true" />

  4. Make sure the setting for the attribute is true, so it should look like the example above.
  5. Save and run your SQL Trace Tool. The comments should appear in your trace tool.

To set your netFORUM User Preferences, use the following steps:

  1. In netFORUM iWeb, go to your username in the top right corner and click the down arrow.
  2. Select My Preferences. The My Preferences page opens.
  3. Under the System section, find the Display debug messages option.
  4. Select Default from the drop-down menu. This selection allows the web.config settings to take precedence.