NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.4 Build

Below are all resolved issues in version 2017.1.4

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Netsuite ID Module Description Previous Release
14029 Exhibits Clicking on Exhibitor -> Exhibitor Management -> Can't register booth personnel in the exhibit module Booth Personnel causes errors to be logged into the error log 2017.1.3.2
17979 Accounting System Option: EWebInvoiceLineItemRemoval not functional 2017.1.3.5
18229 Accounting Lockbox Import Error for Multi Currency customer 2017.1.3.2
18993 eWeb Incorrect event time is displayed on the outlook calendar 2017.1.3.5
19978 Baseline Reports/Queries "Invoice With Format" report (Receipt): the CVV is not available on invoice  
20872 Payment Processing Error processing installment following Vantiv account update AAU 2017.1.3.5
21062 Framework Two of the parameters of the md_web_page_detail_list Stored Procedure (@wbc_page_name and @wbc_code) are open to SQL Injection attacks. 2017.1.3.2
21228 Accounting The "Finance Charge" generate with "invoice date" instead of the time period it is charged and only one "Finance Charge" is generated 2017.1.3.4
21474 Accounting When a fully recognized invoice that has 2 discounted line-items (1 item > $0; 1 item = $0), the discount is deferred is adjusted, the adjustments created cannot be processed when closing the batch.  
21540 Membership SP ‘mb_membership_proxy_populate_by_member’ contains a mass-insertion into mb_membership_proxy_ext table which can cause data conflicts and rollback of processes. This can cause processes like the batch-close process to fail 2017.1.3.4
21626 Accounting "Ending Balance" on "Revenue Recognized" report does not match that of the deferral record if there is a WriteOff 2017.1.3.2
21675 Outlook Integration Outlook Integration - delete email (co_email.eml_delete_flag = 1) should not display / Recipient should display 2017.1.3.2
21699 eWeb eWeb: Adding a Membership on eWeb without login (anonymously) does not add selected item to Cart ("Your Shopping Cart Is Empty") 2017.1.3.2
21722 eWeb eWeb: Unable to use "Make a Donation"/ "QuickGift" form on eWeb (error "UNABLE TO PROCESS.") 2017.1.3.2
21839 eWeb eWeb: "Check all" checkbox for "My Communication Preference" does not work  
22017 Accounting Cannot edit GL Account which is set up for "Account Split" on multiple prices - GLAccount data object 2017.1.3.2
22026 Events Internal and external notes added when adding an event sponsor invoice from the event profile don't show on invoice 2017.1.3.2
22128 Events "Delete Proforma Invoices" task for "Golf"/"Dinner Table" registrations generates the error [constraint "FK_ev_registrant_x_grouping_ev_registrant"] 2017.1.3.4
22183 CRM Designations are not being added with correct spacing/alignment 2017.1.3.5
22260 Accounting Multicurrency: Vantiv – "Japanese Yen"/"foreign currency" incorrectly charges the amount submitted from netFORUM  
22270 General EnableViewState Changed in DynamicEditModal.aspx for SP5 HF16 2017.1.3.2
22278 Accounting “A G/L account is missing” error when returning partially-paid, partially-recognized invoice and NOT selecting "writeoff unpaid recognized deferral amount?"  
22323 Admin “Import File Save Task” fails on COE object, error: "Failed to Insert Centralized Order Entry record. Object reference not set to an instance of an object" 2017.1.3.2
22326 Baseline Reports/Queries The Inventory "Stock Status Report" does not account for inventory transfer/re-allocation between warehouses 2017.1.3.5
22409 E-Marketing When Invoice Date: "inv_add_date" is parsed in email templates, it shows the time stamp 2017.1.3.2
22415 Baseline Reports/Queries "Invoice With Format" report (Receipt): the CVV is not available on invoice 2017.1.3.5
22483 Fundraising eWeb: duplicate confirmations sent when "gift template" is set in the "Campaign Profile" and a donation is made via eWeb 2017.1.3.4
22526 CRM eWeb: If a "Subscription Message"/"Mailing List" is unchecked in "My Communication Preferences" the system adds an "end date" (mk_mailing_list_detail.mld_end_date) preventing it from showing up again  
22543 eWeb Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking not working 2017.1.3.4 2017.1.3.4
22594 Accounting "Drop Membership" and "Delete Proforma" tasks fail with error "Task: The transaction operation cannot be performed because there are pending requests working on this transaction." 2017.1.3.2
22619 Accounting Batches are allowed to be "closed" and "posted" to "inactive/hidden/deleted" GL Accounts 2017.1.3.4
22655 Membership "Order profile": Installment schedule incorrect if Credit Card fails 2017.1.3.2
22675 CRM iWeb: "COE > Line Items": updating "net payment" does not perform postback properly (error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object") 2017.1.3.4
22739 Membership "Membership Transfer" - not assigning current price in code MemberTransferMembershipNewItemDataRow 2017.1.3.4
22804 Admin "Recurring Gift Task" not releasing memory/ task fails with "out of memory" error 2017.1.3.2
22823 eWeb eWeb: Tax for download products only is being applied to non downloaded product 2017.1.3.2
22862 Accounting Multicurrency: Discounts not shown correct in batch (batch amount = product amount "+" discount amount) 2017.1.3.5
22884 General 2015 Upgrade - eWeb Performance 2017.1.3.3
22914 CRM Accumail Address validation response code error handing issues  

Hotfix 1

Netsuite ID Module Description Dev Notes
21513 Accounting Posting batch results in error batch not balance for enity with Intacct Integration multi company accounts Changed the way the dimensions (class, location, department) are being retrieved by the ac_batch_close_payment_select and ac_batch_close_invoice_select sprocs during the batch pre-process functionality from the batch profile.
22125 Accounting "Revenue Available for Recognition" report "Include Open Batches" checkbox pulls no data/ the report is blank Updated the SP parameters on the ac_deferral_revenue_available_recognition report file so data is pulled properly.
22458 Inventory Item with DECLINED credit card can still be Fulfilled (SO: RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment = "true") Fulfill orders with the System Option RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillmentIgnoreFailedPayments set to false, verified that the item is not fulfilled and the exception is added.
22510 CRM When choosing a saved/stored ACH payment method, the CD screen doesn't pull in the saved "account number" Added a new condition on the Control Data for pin_eft_account_number, pin_eft_routing_number and pin_eft_account_type, in order to invisible those controls when pin_cpi_key is empty.
22552 Subscriptions "Subscription Fulfillment" process incorrectly reducing the number of issues "remaining" Implemented a new function to calculate the number of issues remaining, use that value in the cp column.
22901 xWeb xWeb: Cancel date not updated when making an xweb call to the ev_registrant object The cancel date is now updated on xweb call to event registrant.
22917 Accounting No "credit" created and the "refund" does not go to the payment processor after "return/cancel" on an invoice and selecting "auto-refund" Added parameter to UpdateGridControl so that based on it the StartUp method will capture or not the posted value of the update grid before the initial creation of the control. Corrected validation of ret_distributed_liability_flag in ac_return.
22945 CRM "{CurrentDate}" in query builder includes timestamp which causes incorrect results for conditions that are equal to "currentdate" We have set the identity impersonate as true to apply a fix when a service running under NT AUTHORITY\Network Service account.
22954 E-Marketing When Invoice Transaction Date "inv_trx_date" is parsed in email templates, it shows the time stamp Removed the old logic that pulled timestamp when get the value equals CurrentDate in DataUtils method.
23030 Centralized Order Entry Adding "Installment Payment" Order with "First Payment date" in the future does not create "stored payment" info to process future payment Added a general fix to show a small datetime on template for different invoice datetime fields with a mask 99/99/9999.
23046 General Increase speed of SQL query to load UI links Removed superfluous logic from SQL used to load UI links to increase speed.
23042 UI [Current UI] No results if supersearch where clause includes extender table columns Changed sproc so that it can use extender table columns in the supersearch "where" clause.

Hotfix 3

Netsuite ID Module Description Dev Notes
20551 Payment Processing Voided same day payments are sent as credit to Sage [and all gateways] Updated InvoiceVoidExtension to allow netFORUM to attempt a gateway-Void if the operator wants to void all the payment details in a netFORUM payment.
22027 eWeb eWeb: does not correctly calculate Invoice Amount on a "partially paid" invoice that is added to the Shopping Cart Added, updated and deleted several fields over COE in eWeb forms, also fixed calculation for invoice.
22333 CRM Collective Payment: "payment to apply"/“credit to apply” subform grid not able to order by "Liability Name"  
22459 Accounting Price on Order is incorrectly set when "line item price" is modified in COE (SO: RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment = "true") Added a condition in order to update the orderDetail with the correct price, previously we just had a condition when a order did not exist and that was the problem.
22466 eWeb eWeb: When using the Add Individual process in eWeb, the person's e-mail address that is being newly added ends up within the individual record of the person that is actively entering the information Created a workflow for a IndividualEmail and Individual-eWeb (member directory) and verify that the emails are correctly updated.
22591 Accounting "Collective Dues": Unable to "Generate Next Installment" with end-dated/cancelled "local members" relationships (error “Cannot create an invoice w/o line items”) Added bypass for CancelAssociateOrderDetail method if the product is a *collective due* when running the scheduled task for returns. That way odd_cancel_qty in the oe_order_detail will not be updated incorrectly.
22995 CRM Designations removed/ deleted after "editing name & address" Designations after the first no longer deleted when saving the individual.
23021 CRM AddressCorrection: "Group1" address validation the URL endpoints need to be updated Changed config settings to use the new "pitneybowes" endpoint URLs.
23028 Framework Security groups with access are missing modules due to new stored procedure (cm_group_item_link_getNavByUser) pulling in hidden group items NavMenu modules and items are now accessible when marked as hidden.
23041 Reports "A/R Aging" report reporting "Discounts" as "outstanding amount" on installment invoices The Report logic has been modified when calculating discount to correctly deduct the discounted amount for installment billing invoices. All other types of invoices already had the discount amount calculated correctly from the invoice amounts.
23050 CRM Increase number of characters for "interest code" (itc_code) N/A
23158 Accounting "Create Next Installment": error has occurred in "AC.InstallmentBilling.GenerateNextInstallment": "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"  

Hotfix 4

Netsuite ID Module Description Dev Notes
22297 Development Toolkit Parameter set to NVARCHAR(2000) over-loaded with string of less than 700 characters (Stored Procedure "sc_merchandise_list") Altered sc_merchandise_list such that instead of preloading a long string of data onto a single variable, the strings are combined at query time.
22860 eWeb eWeb (mobile): Render menus dynamically from underlying CMS metadata, rather than hard-coded HTML (ensure a web page is viewed on a "mobile" device same as on a "desktop" browser) Refactored the default pane (Menu Bar) so now the web links are retrieved from database to build the Menu Bar dynamically.
22865 Events "Copy Event": Computed GUID column causes errors "The column X cannot be modified because it is either a computed column or is the result of a UNION operator" Added av_key validation in insert/update since in baseline we do not have a case where a computed column is av_key.
22972 CRM "Failed to load viewstate" error when trying to "add" new telephone number in Organization Profile The telephone form contains a lookup that is never used by the phone but it's the cause of the problem. Made sure that the sort made on load will only be done if the update grid does have sortable columns.
23011 Centralized Order Entry Error "Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier" is thrown when paying a membership invoice that has a complementary product and "RecognizeRevenueDuringFulFillment" system option is "false" Added a conditional statement to not set the oOrderEntry invoice key with an empty value.
23128 Accounting "Fundraising > Add Gift": adding "recurring" gift with "First Invoice On" date in the future does not create "stored payment" info to process future payment System now allows to have an order with a linked cpi even if a payment is not applied by calling CreateCustomerPaymentInfo in the insert of ac_installment_billing only if there is no payment to do.
23137 Fundraising [Performance] Gift Details Task performance to be improved by two new indexes. No behavioral change Added two SQL indexes to improve performance of Gift Details task.
23153 Payment Processing Payment_Process: Wrong fields are displayed at "Add Payment Wizard" form for "Check" payment method. Deleted unnecessary conditions for making invisible the following controls: pin_eft_account_number, pin_eft_routing_number, pin_eft_account_type.
23158 Accounting "Create Next Installment": error has occurred in "AC.InstallmentBilling.GenerateNextInstallment": "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Added checks in AC.InstallmentBilling.GenerateNextInstallment to handle condition when the oFacadeObject is null.
23166 Membership Adding "Installment Payment" Order with "First Payment date" in the future does not create "stored payment" info to process future payment for memberships System now allows to have an order with a linked cpi even if a payment is not applied by calling CreateCustomerPaymentInfo in the insert of ac_installment_billing only if there is no payment to do.
23167 Accounting "Collective Dues > Select Invoices to Pay" form: "distribute credit" applying incorrect "credit amount" / does not distribute FULL "credit amount" Corrected issue in ac_invoice_detail to stop add to credit to apply when the credit had no more balance left. Also improved the performance of the DistributLiability method as well as track the idc_credit_to_apply during distribution.

Hotfix 5

Netsuite ID Module Description Dev Notes
17597 Accounting Cannot close batch due to calculation of split-revenue being partially recognized. Fix was a refactoring on the process deferral for payment return where the return code and amount is added on ledger table, but the gl account for the unrecognized portion is missing when we have split prices.
21578 Reports "Customer Statement" report showing the incorrect "Bill To" customer Changed the "Arrange by Sell to or Bill to Customer" parameter logic in the sproc to use the Billing customer over the Invoice customer when the "Either" option is selected.
21904 eWeb eWeb membership renewal does not display all information and use different layout if membership renewal is linked to a chapter membership Made a metadata change of layout type on the grid control for the membership chapter object (DESIGNEDLISTCONTROL_DOD_Chapter Membership).
22734 CRM "Add Organization" allows you to "save" without an address/"Edit name & address" form - the address is "Required" [2014] Removed the address initialization because we do not need to populate the address at the beginning. [2017] Removed read only and required logic because is not required add an address for a organization when you Edit name and address.
22831 Exhibits Sponsor purchase for Exhibits does not send "confirmation email" correspondence Set missing fields cct_key (email template key) and eml_key (email key) to send the email confirmation on exhibit event sponsor component.
22960 Centralized Order Entry COE: The "Apply Credit" link is not visible when "Bill to" field does not match "Ship to" field and "Ship to" has no credits The credit modal correctly uses the billing customer's credits but the link to access that modal was only displaying if the shipping customer had credits. The change was to the logic to check the billing customer instead of the shipping customer.
22971 Fundraising eWeb_Make a Pledge : Make a pledge from eweb creates an invoice and payment without payment information record Changed logic so that signed pledges will create the requested payment info record.
23001 Membership National Membership (with associated Chapter membership) does not update (dates flip, etc) when paying a transferred membership. This occurs when a membership is transferred after already having an open invoice created (such as a renewal) The mxi_mxi_key was set in CreateDuesInvoiceRecords method for a chapter and after that never cleared. Added conditional statement to clear the mxi_mxi_key if the membership does not have a relation with another membership and has a chapter related.
23063 Fundraising Fundraising>Gift : Adding a gift to "Gift Batch Entry" displays an error message "Valid Fund Price is not available, Please create a price with this fund." Called SetPriceKey method without validating if prd_key (in oProduct) or gty_key (in oGiftType) are different than the values in the Gift object.
23073 General Replace the current way we are handling the capture request to use SEVD Changed PostAuthorization method to work with SEVD to send the Capture request.
23089 Accounting Write-off "Account Split" issue during batch "pre-processing" - "Error: The Batch is not balanced" Changed call to MultiCurrencyModifications for writeoff to avoid using decPaymentAmount to override the led_amount.
23198 Payment Processing GatewayErrorLogger not working properly in a multi-threaded process Added ThreadStatic so each thread has its own instance, sharing all the threads were causing to log errors for successful payment that belong to another transaction. Note: This feature was added to 2015 so is not impacting 2014.
23235 Centralized Order Entry "iWeb > COE" form: changing "Ship To Address" after selecting a taxed publication does not update the "Tax" Updated logic to check when the shipping address changes and recalculate taxes.

Hotfix 6

Netsuite ID Module Description Dev Notes
22302 Events iWeb: "Event Group Registration Wizard" doesn't capture more than 20 registrants (limit) causing Payment error "This change does not obey the required constraints of the data"(constraint "FK_ev_registrant_ac_invoice_detail") Added an extension for removing elements of GroupRegistration collection each time that a postback is done and delete invoice details related with the registrant that was delete it.
22895 CRM The "co_email_optout.emo_optout_flag" remains checked even if the mailing type is unchecked in the "Individual Communications Preference" Added control to verify if the emo_opt_flag was checked or unchecked on promotional emailing type.
23019 Payment Processor SAGE Payment Processor: When an ACH payment is made and we try to "refund" payment an error appears "Credit could not be granted on the void: UNABLE TO PROCESS" Changed Sage ACH transactions to use CreditWithoutReference "07" TransactionType and null VANReference.
23070 Fundraising Fundraising>Gift : All left group items /"Navigation menu" expand to "page width" when editing a gift in "Gift Batch Entry" When creating the URL do not include modal parameter if we will not open a new modal.
23086 xweb xWeb: "WEBCentralizedShoppingCartOpenInvoiceGet" or "WEBCentralizedShoppingCartMembershipOpenInvoiceGet" discount not populating in "inv_discount" Discounts were not being properly accounted for when making calculations for several of the fields but making sure the discounts are calculated in will return the correct values.
23122 Fundraising [Current UI] Fundraising>Gift: when using "Gift Batch Entry", netFORUM seems to "go to" the "Abstract" module after clicking “Continue” to add the Gift to the Batch Removed invalid URL parameters that was causing invalid behavior on post back.
23178 CRM Individual Profile: not able to remove / delete designation The solution was to change original designation instead of designation to remove the correct designation in edit individual form.
23215 eweb eWeb: "Tax" rate for specific State (e.g. "DC") does not reflect change after "shipping address" changed on eWeb Added logic in order to distribute the new Tax amount, as we already have a method that the name is Distribute and receive as a parameter the type of the product; we just needed to call to this method.
23319 COI The page errors out if you try to display a wizard that is pointing to a user control. N/A