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Table Standards


A Table is an arrangement of rows and two or more columns of related data. A table is where data is stored and is akin to a spreadsheet as a whole. The spreadsheet itself is the table and within each table are the column headers (data fields) and rows (records), all of which make up a database.

Add a new Table

If you want to add a new database table to NetForum, please see Table (add) article. This article goes into detail about database modeling design, naming conventions, etc.

Extender Table

Almost every baseline table (with the exception of metadata tables) has a sibling Extender Table. Custom columns go into the extender table, not the baseline table.

Cross Reference Table

See Cross Reference Table for more on design tips for a many-to-many cross reference table. Cross reference tables are intersection tables between two parent tables. Example: mb_committee_x_customer is a cross reference table between mb_committee and co_customer. The x character is a naming convention that signifies a cross reference table.