What's New in NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.13

NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.13 offers an updated user interface and form designer, new features and resolved issues that were found during internal testing and the customer raised issues. This document describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

What's New in NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.13 includes the following sections of information about the release:

New Features

UI Conversions

Current UI Issues and Issues Addressed During Internal Testing

Resolved Issues

New Features

Below is a list of new features added in NetForum 2017.1.13 service pack:

  • LMS Credit Sync (Freestone)
  • Document Storage Migration Tool
  • WE Integration
  • Subscription AutoPay
  • UI Conversions

UI Conversions

Below table contains the list of Current UI conversion pages that were addressed in NetForum 2017.1.13 service pack:

Module Description
Abstract Advertising - Advertiser Profile Conversion to Current UI
Abstract Payment Method Profile [CHILDFORM IN EDIT PAGE]
Accounting Payment Batch Header Profile Profile
Accounting Currency Profile
Accounting Finance Charge Task Profile
Accounting Add/Edit Invoice Message
Accounting Batch Profile
Admin Add/Edit Dynamic Form
Admin User Profile
Admin Task Scheduler Profile Profile
Advertising Classified Ad Type Profile
Advertising Rate Card (add, Profile) Profile
Awards Award Entry Profile
Awards Award Stage Profile
Case Management Case Profile
CEU CEU Credit Profile
COI COI Participation Profile
COI Questionnaire Request Header Profile
COI Questionnaire Profile
COI Questionnaire Review Profile
Committee Committee Nominations Profile
CRM Scoring Weight Profile
CRM Customer Request Document Profile
CRM CRM - Individual - Chapter Relationships Add/Edit Page Conversion to Current UI
Development Toolkit Object Profile
Development Toolkit Dynamic Form Profile - better organization of the information and options
Events Add/Edit Price/account
Events Add/Edit Room Setup Category [Unblocked UpdateGrid]
Events Events Speaker Profile
Events Zzz Events Fee Profile
Exhibits Exhibit Priority Point Detail Profile
Fundraising Pledge Renewal Task Profile
Fundraising Recurring Gift Bulk Cancel Task Profile
General Price - Edit Profile
General Abstract Upload And Author Add Form Profile
General Product/event Track Fee - Add Profile
Grants Grant Applicant Profile
Grants Grant Distribution Profile
Grants Grant Program Profile
Inventory Package Profile
Inventory Product/publication (add) Profile
Inventory Product/merchandise - Add Profile
Inventory Product/miscellaneous Product Profile
Inventory Add/Edit Shipping Region
Inventory Product Type Profile
Marketing Source Code Profile
Sales Organization - Sales Profile
Sales Individual - Sales Profile
Sales Add/Edit Staff Commission - Sales Rep
Sales Add/Edit Opportunity
Subscriptions Subscription Fulfillment Batch (Add) Profile

Current UI Issues and Issues Addressed During Internal Testing

The following list contains resolved issues related to Current UI, issues addressed during internal testing and Current UI NFRs in NetForum 2017.1.13 service pack.

Product Area Description
Accounting Go to Payment link was updated to direct to relevant individual payment profile and opens the related form.
Admin In Task Scheduler, task can be saved without any error when the recurrence field is in read only.
Admin While adding subscription renewal Information for the subscription renewal task, if Renewal Price Qualifier Date field was left blank it will throw a message of renewal price qualifier date is required.
Admin The issue of missing Renewal Information on Edit Task scheduler as compared to classic UI for Association has been resolved by redirecting the Edit link of Subscription and Membership renewal type profiles to classic UI pop-up instead of Current UI Edit form, this is because it needs DropDOWNListAdd type widget which is currently not there in Current UI.
Advertising In Add – Agency, while saving the phone number or email, the application was throwing an error in Current UI. This issue has been resolved to save and add phone number or email to Add – Agency page without errors.

Phone Number / Email, added from Drop-down list of AddEdit on Add Agency form, will get reflected on Add Agency form.

Centralized Order Entry When the multi-currency system option is enabled, Payment Information section in eWeb will not show currency drop-down field.
Certification Issue related to List – Certificant page not displaying certificant records after adding a new certificant has been resolved and works as expected.
COI In COI module, List Questionnaires was not displaying which has been resolved now.
CRM After making any changes to Personalize form of an individual profile, and reverting Reset to baseline or Remove all personalization task, the list results navigation above profile disappears. This issue has been resolved to display list result navigation.
Development Toolkit Missing Clear Cache link issue has been fixed and working in Current UI.
Development Toolkit A DateTime MVC Widget Type has been added as a part of Current UI NFR work.
Development Toolkit The reference to List.cshtml was missing from the iWeb solution file which fails to load and throws an error in Current UI. This issue was fixed by adding List.cshtml to the iWeb solution file.
Development Toolkit For Edit Task Scheduler, under the Recurrence section, if option Daily or Weekly was selected, then two fields will be displayed depending on the case.
Development Toolkit A Child form title changed to Manage mass replace fields - form Individual from Manage mass replace fields - form {dyn_description}, which was not an appropriate one.
Events Registrant Transfer page gets struck on loading with 'Please wait' status while trying to transfer information for the event. This issue of loading has been resolved, which now closes the Registrant Transfer page and load the transfer information successfully.
Framework Child form option personalization will fall back to default behavior for columns that are added afterward.
Framework Update Grid Widget for Current UI (saving) has been implemented as a part of Current UI NFR work.
Framework Update Grid Widget for Current UI (rendering) has been implemented as a part of Current UI NFR work.
Framework Update Grid Widget for Current UI (design) has been implemented as a part of Current UI NFR work.
Framework List Pages are ready in Current UI as a part of Current UI NFR work.
Framework Time Picker Widget for Current UI has been created as a part of Current UI NFR work.
Framework Value Parsing for Current UI has been completed as a part of Current UI NFR work.
Framework Drop-downs in Current UI were skipping blank value, this issue has been fixed.
Framework In Current UI, Invoice child forms list is orderly displayed in the Invoices tab.
Framework Help Text for Heading and Divider widget types has been implemented as a part of Current UI NFR work.
Framework The error details will be logged in error log under Admin module when the Current UI ListPages falls back to Classic UI.
Framework Currency formatting for update grids in Input widget which were throwing an error has been resolved.
Framework Automatic chaining was going to fields outside the current form in Current UI. This framework issue has been fixed which now goes within the current form.
Fundraising Ask Ladder range child form displaying NaN as empty columns were resolved to display empty columns for no values.
Fundraising In the Current UI, changes made in Fundraising Gift Profile will be saved without and silent errors.
General Printing an individual profile page will not contain the header or left navigation section. Previously, these prints were giving unnecessary details which was not required on a print.
General In Current UI, when a child form has an Override Add link for a wizard form, the Override Add link will be observed when clicking the Add button on the child form.

Blank labeled column appearing in Grand child form under Country Setup child form at below location has been resolved to eliminate it. This blank label has been removed.

Location: CRM > Overview > Address, Phone & Fax Setup > Address tab

General The Presentations child form which gets stuck at loading under Speakers section of Event Profile was resolved and works as expected.
General Server-timing issue of Date Time Picker widget was resolved. Now this widget fetches the current time of the user instead of server time.
General While deleting the child records of Calls/Tasks child form under Assignment group item, database names of the columns were displayed on the screen. This issue was resolved which does not display any such data.
General The lookups issue, which appears in red was fixed for Edit_Order_Profile.
General Depending on the System Option ScheduledTaskDefaultDelayMinutes, extra minutes was added to DateTimePicker widget in Run Task Date time field.
Inventory Adding any record in Shipping Region section will save the data without any error.
Operations SQL Updater will select the correct version from fw_update_log.

Resolved Issues

The following list contains customer-reported issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.13 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
20657 Accounting Revenue available for recognition and Revenue Recognized reports incorrectly include canceled invoices. The deferral remains on the Revenue available for recognition / Revenue Recognized reports. This issue has been resolved, the invoice and deferral no longer show on the report and also deferral will get canceled.
25205 Accounting The correct deferred GL account will be impacted for debit when a deferred product is sold after the prc_recognize_after date, and the invoice is canceled.
24990 Accounting Add/Edit Customer Payment Info form saves the actual address of cardholder when adding or editing a stored payment.
24942 Accounting

In iWeb, you can apply payment if Default Transaction Type for Batch is proforma.

24909 Accounting Ledger records from misc transaction will not include any project when no project code was set on the deferral record.
23297 Accounting Pre-Processing batch will point to GL account within correct Business Unit.
21109 Admin User management group item will not display 'Record is Deleted' message when the top user is deleted from database.
20531 Baseline Reports/Queries On Accounting Period Summary Reports page, Period drop-down field was updated to show the drop down list in ascending order which previously was in random order.
21047 Baseline Reports/Queries Query - Event Registrant can query [Event:Event Code] with Operator Is Equal To and Ask At Run-Time? check box selected.
22389 Baseline Reports/Queries The Gift Summary Report will not include canceled invoices, if invoice add and invoice cancel are included in selected date range.
23385 Baseline Reports/Queries Accounting Summary report will display Net Change Amount on each account.
21081 Case Management In Case Management Overview page, overlapping link issue for List Case Category has been fixed.
21173 Case Management In Case Management module, Case Decision drop-down is now available on Edit - Case form.
24746 Centralized Order Entry When adding the same item / price to the Shopping Cart at certain times the pay amount that is, net payment will become $0.00 (zero) unexpectedly. This issue was fixed and now it works as expected.
25123 Centralized Order Entry On COE’s Edit Line Item form, apply discounts box can now be selectable for Kits, Event Registration, Membership, or other products.
25240 CRM Emails that were going out without the embedded sub-templates and missing Header and Footer in mail has been fixed, which now sent emails as per designed template.
25241 CRM In the Add – Customer Request form, the document uploaded will no longer be available to other individuals when you choose Send Always option.
21323 CRM When adding an Organization to Organization relationship the parent flag was not shown as checked even though it was checked when saved. This issue was fixed and it works as expected.
24583 CRM An error occurred while saving a non-existent organization to an individual profile. This issue has been fixed and non-existent Organization can be added to an Individual profile.
24282 CRM For Individual or Organization Profile details, when you delete a record from a child form using the delete icon, you had to refresh the profile page manually to see the changes. This issue has been resolved and the updates gets auto-saved.
18418 CRM Address country (adr_country) is now non-case sensitive.
24334 CRM Audience performance issue was fixed and the result get fetched within a minute when you have a lot of queries to run for an object.
21045 CRM For an individual with Foreign Address Label (mailing label), an issue related to displaying Province Code in place of Province Name on reports has been resolved to display Province Name and not the province code on Mailing label report.
23502 CRM For Edit contact info, saving a Customer who has a blank phone number will not cause BlankUpdate Delete logic to run prior to the UPDATE.
15834 CRM CRM Individual Address Type issue: Changing an Individual's Address Type changes the Address Type for all past Address Change Logs for the Individual. This issue has been fixed, now Address Type in past change logs will not change when the current address type is changed.
25125 CRM For Edit contact info page, saving a customer who has a blank Fax number will redirect to Individual’s profile without error.
23303 E-Marketing When the system option DuplicateEmail is set to Deny, the Prospect Import Wizard will not allow to import Duplicate email ID. Transfer will fail as the email address matches an existing email.
22607 Events The alignment or overlapped issue for Event URL and Registered main count on Event Profile page has been resolved. They are readable and without overlapping.
25035 Events In the COE form, no errors will be generated while adding an Event Sponsor to line items.
25187 Events

Test emails will contain header and footer when the selected template has been setup.

22812 eWeb When Toolkit changes are made to an eWeb form, those changes will get reflected right away without any recycle.
22812 Framework Config.CachedTablePermissions will get auto-updated in eWeb, iWeb, and xWeb after making changes to md_column in iWeb
25000 Fundraising The Edit name & address form in Constituent Profile of Fundraising module, now displays in the new Current UI.
25314 General Return/Cancel of an product from Invoice Detail Profile in iWeb, now gets sync with Crowd Wisdom.
22012 Inventory When adding a publication downloadable file on the publication profile, the file to download URL is adding a path before the file name. This issue has been fixed to show only file name and not any path of the file.
17889 Inventory Delete and GoTo icons are included in the Complementary Products child form.
24559 Membership For Membership Renewal Task, confirmation emails are sent when mass membership are renewed, for both individuals and organizations.
25195 Subscriptions After purchasing customer, a membership packages that had subscriptions attached to them there was missing mxi_keys which unable to re-join memberships that were tied to subscriptions. This issue was fixed and now user is able to re-join the membership package and purchase a re-join of this package type.
19642 Subscriptions Subscriber Profile issue where subscription not showing as canceled even through the invoice show it as being voided has been resolved to display invoice code and Void flag with value YES as the subscription is voided.
24535 xWeb Performance with "sc_open_invoice_list" stored procedure has been improved which now takes less time to return the data.