What's New in NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.14

NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.14 offers an updated user interface and form designer, new features and resolved issues. This document describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

New Features and Enhancements

Resolved Issues

New Features and Enhancements

  • REST Services Update - As part of our continuing update of our API services, two enhancements are included in this service pack:
    • RESTful API pagination - A system option EnableSqlPagination has been added. If this option is set to true, API pagination will use SQL pagination. If this option is set to false pagination will continue to be done in-memory. SQL pagination limits the likelihood of getting an out-of-memory issue when working with a large volume of records.
    • RESTful API schema - The RestServiceUtility.GetSchema has been updated to include a Length/Width field and use proper XML types instead of xs:string. Anything not fitting the primitive XML type list will remain xs:string.
  • Important! The above changes are updates to the underlying framework of our RESTful services. While we do not expect this to be a breaking change, we strongly suggest that you utilize a robust testing suite to verify that any customization taking advantage of these services continues to work as expected.

Current UI Enhancements

The following list contain enhancements related to Current UI in NetForum 2017.1.14 service pack:

Product Area Description
CRM On an Organization profile, when adding another individual relationship to an organization as a primary contact, the Primary Contact check box will be updated accordingly without refreshing the page.
Framework Dropdown/Lookups fields are now available in the Update Grids.

Conversion of Classic UI advanced drop-down lists to the Current UI has been completed for the below list:

  • DropDownListAdd

  • DropDownListAddEdit

  • DropDownListEdit

  • DropDownListAddEditQuery

Framework In the Abstract Author Grid under the Abstract Submission profile page, Author Type and Author header titles are marked with red asterisks to make them as required fields.

UI Conversions

Below is the list of pages converted to the Current UI:

Module Description
Abstract Edit Submission
Accounting Add/Edit Source Code
Accounting Proforma Process Profile
Admin Add/Edit Report
Advertising Classified Profile
Advertising Add/Edit Organization Fax
Advertising Add/Edit Advertising Position
Advertising Add/Edit Rate Card Category
Advertising Add/Edit Number of Placements
Awards Add/Edit Award Status
Awards Add/Edit Award Winner Type
Certification Add/Edit Program Type
Committees Committee Participation Profile
Committees Add/Edit Committee Position
CRM Add/Edit Scoring Decay
CRM Add/Edit Individual Type
CRM Add Customer Request Document
CRM Add/Edit Areas of Expertise
CRM Edit Favorites
Events Events - Price Profile
Events Add/Edit Location Type
Events Add/Edit Location Contact Role
Events Add/Edit Events Session/track Type
Events Add/Edit Room Type
Events Add/Edit Sponsor Type
Fundraising Add/Edit Recognition Level
Fundraising Add/Edit Fundraising Gift Type
Inventory Price Edit - Centralized Profile
Inventory Add/Edit Product Type
Membership Member Drop Process Header Profile
Membership Dues Renewal Process Profile
Sales Add/Edit Opportunity Type
Subscriptions Scheduled Subscription Renewal Profile
Subscriptions Add/Edit Job Role
Time and Billing

Add/Edit Work Type

Time and Billing Add/Edit My Expense

Resolved Issues

The following list contains customer-reported issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.14 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
25278 Accounting In the Edit Invoice form, the Bill To Customer field displays valid Individual name and this field will not display with RED warning which was previously.
25267 Accounting Stored Payment Method gets created for the credit card entered when creating recurring gifts / Installment Payments orders and customer payment information will be tied to the order with auto-pay.
25246 Accounting When the user makes changes to name or description, those changes will get reflected in NetForum when there is a re-import from the Intacct Accounting System.
21775 Accounting

There will be no tax on a product if taxes are not set up for the country and province.

24258 Accounting Batch closing error for deferred/prorated/prorated in first year membership invoices has been fixed and works as expected.
24131 Accounting On the COE form, while making payment for a product, only stored payment methods whose payment method is in the same business unit of the batch chosen will be displayed in saved payment drop-down list.
22308 Accounting When using Batch Payment process user will be able to send a payment confirmation emails to the respective customers.
25424 Accounting User will not be able to add a batch if the Group Security they belong to does not have the access to add a batch.
25404 Accounting Editing Payment method for customer Stored payment information will not be allowed once that Stored payment information has been vaulted and / or used for payment.
24003 Admin iWeb users will not face HTTP 404 error while running the Mailing Label Update -> Address Update Utility.
25395 Admin Test User will only be allowed to access the modules given in both UI.
24487 Admin For iWeb, clicking NetForum Community link on the Get Help drop-down list will direct you to https://community.abila.com home page.
24307 Admin Foreign Key constraint - "ixo_rlt_key" has been included in the co_individual_x_organization table.
19957 Admin In Find Error Log, the Date filter (Find/Search Operation) will return relevant results.
24724 Admin Since several reports in NetForum has private information, this information should not be accessed by all users. Considering the security of information, reports will only run if the user is actively a part of the group that has access.
25379 Admin Test User will only be allowed to access the modules given in both UI.
25321 Awards When using a Wizard for a child form > add button with the destination static form appended, this issue has been fixed, now Current UI will use static form URL only. Child form add link redirects to correct URL when Wizard is used.
25360 Baseline Reports/Queries The Invoice with Format report for Installment payment invoices will now also display Past Due Amount along with Total Amount Due.
25275 Centralized Order Entry Crowd Wisdom Integration will display correct end date in the End Date field when NetForum sends orders.
23584 Centralized Order Entry Prices with Source Codes as price attributes will appear when source code is selected.
25230 Centralized Order Entry On Invoice profile, newly added source code will be displayed in Source Code field.
23285 Centralized Order Entry Voiding an invoice will not throw foreign key constraint error even if the invoice contains a membership which is synced with subscription.
25338 Certification The Credit Sync for Crowd Wisdom fires a workflow through xWeb.
25179 CRM In Activity Type section under Customer Request Setup page for Current UI, Activity Type section will display Reasons, Role, and Correspondence Templates details even if Activity name has a space or special character in it.
24516 CRM On Combine / Merge Dups item under the Individual group item, run time performance of Combine/Merge record process has been improved.
20875 CRM Newly added customer activities will be displayed on the Communications child tab section.
25439 CRM For List Pages in Current UI, list results will show selected query columns as defined by query.
13300 CRM Changing the status of assignment from Open to closed you are prompted with 'All associated tasks will be closed also. Continue?' If it is switched to Closed with a capital C you are not prompted. This issue has been fixed and user will be prompted whether the status is Closed or closed.
20383 CRM Organization Address Change Log will only reflect the changes made on the organization address and not for any individual address change, if they were once linked.
25096 Events If you have external code called from a workflow rule that is set for the Event Registrant Object, it will create a single ev_registrant_x_ac invoice record.
25319 Events In Current UI, no errors will occur when you enter any HTML tags in Event Description field of Edit Event Profile form, and this form will get saved successfully.
21022 eWeb The Check-Out button will not be visible when Online Shopping Cart is empty, and user is logged in.
19197 Framework For the Add - Individual page issue, which pre-populates the email and password fields with login information has been fixed. E-mail and Password field will not be pre-populated in any browser and user will not have to reset their browsers.
25158 Framework Scheduled tasks will update with correct result value when it gets finished.
25327 Framework For non-admin iWeb users, child or grandchild form widget errors have been fixed. Now, grandchild forms will show only when they have data and only when the parent child form is loaded.
25522 Framework For Document Storage Provider, when opening large file using a secure site there was a File-viewer error, which fails to load PDF document. This issue has been fixed, and user will be able to open large file without getting File-viewer error.
24732 Fundraising Time out error was thrown when the system option BulkFundraisingUpdateGiftFundStatisticsTask set to be TRUE as the baseline stored procedure np_gift_FundraisingUpdateGiftFundStatisticsTask and the command timeout was 30 seconds (30 seconds is the default period of time that sqlcommand wait to throw a timeout exception). This performance issue was fixed, and the stored procedure will be completed without time out error.
25059 Fundraising For Fundraising Pledge, value for extender control will fill-in on the extender column for gift tables without any error's getting logged.
23770 General

Performance of Group item link security has been improved, which was slow for customers with a large amount of users and or security groups.

25290 Inventory A new system option FulfillPaidOrdersOnly has been added to allow customers to fulfill or not to fulfill unpaid line items or invoices.
25433 Payment Processing Transactions gets successfully completed for six or more invoice line items with BluePay payment gateway using VISA or Master Card, but due to response data getting truncated, these transactions were treated as failed in NetForum. This issue has been fixed and these transactions reflect exact transaction status.
23798 Sales The performance (in terms of loading time) of Installment Billing - Detail form has been improved.
24337 xWeb The xWeb ws_security data related token will not be deleted before the next call.