What's New in NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.15

NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.15 offers an updated user interface and form designer, new features and resolved issues. This document describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

New Features and Enhancements

Resolved Issues

New Features and Enhancements

  • iWeb Authentication Provider Abstraction: A Common iWeb Authentication Provider Abstraction has been developed for iWeb Authentication mechanism. This will abstract the current functionality and instead of the iWeb and xWeb login pages or functions going directly to LdapAuthentication they will go to a common interface that has backend functionality that determines the configured provider and implements the authentication in a manner required by the provider.

Current UI Enhancements

The following list contain enhancements related to Current UI in NetForum 2017.1.15 service pack:

Product Area Description
Accounting All financial transactions made through iWeb and eWeb will get reflected in Accounting - Summary table with accurate accounting information in real time.

If the forms or pages are available only in 2017 Current UI mode, then the View In Classic Mode link will not be available in the System Tools menu. For example, in Toolkit menu, when navigating to the Add Widget Type page it does not display the View In Classic Mode link in the System Tools menu. When navigating to this page in Classic UI if the System Option enalbenewui is set to NONE, then an error message This Page Is Not Implemented in ClassicUI will be displayed.


In Current UI, the Cancel Button on Add/Edit pages will behave like the Browser's Back button. When you click Cancel button on any Add or Edit page, it will direct to the previously opened page.

UI Conversions

Below is the list of pages converted to the Current UI:

Module Description
Abstract Add/Edit Abstract Reviewer
Accounting Add/Edit Credit Card Gateway Setup
Accreditation Add/Edit Surveyor
Admin Add/Edit Error messages
Admin Add/Edit Cache Setup
Admin Add/Edit System Option
Admin Add/Edit Moves History Transfer In Scheduler
Advertising Add/Edit Agency
Awards Add/Edit Award Entry
Awards Edit Award Stage
CMS Add/Edit Web Posting Group
CRM Add/Edit Name Prefix
Dev Add Voting History
Dev Add/Edit Deferred Revenue
Events Add/Edit Honorarium Type
Events Add/Edit Event X Registrant Type
Grants Add/Edit Grant Distribution
Inventory Add/Edit Product Subcategory
Inventory Add/Edit Shipping Carrier
Membership Add/Edit Chapter Position
Sales Add/Edit Sales Commission Schedule
Time Add/Edit Expense
Toolkit Add/Edit Search Table

Resolved Issues

The following list contains Classic UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.15 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
25385 Accounting While Applying a Payment or Credit to a dues invoice, the project code will be assigned correctly if the project code is linked to the invoice detail line item.
21976 Accounting Delete proforma process was getting failed, when membership had old unpaid proforma invoices and there were invoices created on top due to FK constraint (FK_mb_member_dues_history_ac_invoice_mdh_inv_key). A delete statement has been added in the ac_invoice_delete_proforma_dependencies stored procedure for mb_member_dues_history table. The addition of delete statement now allows the Delete Proforma Invoices task complete successfully without error.
25434 Accounting Deferral Revenue Available for Recognition report will not include the voided transactions details.
25569 Accounting The Process payment batch process was adding payments in the same batch as the invoice. This was causing the process to fail with an Invoices cannot be added to a closed batch error when the customer closes the batch. This issue has been fixed and the Process payment batch process will generate a new batch with current date and add the payment to the batch.
25189 Accounting

When paying an Installment billing record, proforma invoices will have the Proforma? value updated to No on the Order-Installment profile.

20702 Accounting If a batch is set as default batch in My Preferences, same batch will auto reflect in the batch field of collective payment form and in Write Off Invoices page.
24832 Accounting Renewed terms invoice will use the latest active invoice as the trm_ivd_key_previous field value.
25582 Accounting Deferral record start date (def_start_date) was not matching with membership start date (mxi_term_start_date), instead it was setting as invoice transaction date (inv_Trx_date). Because of this, the Deferral records for prorated paid in full memberships were setting incorrect start date in ac_deferral.def_start_date field. This issue has been fixed, and now the deferral record start date matches with the membership start date and sets the correct date in def_start_date field.
25611 Accounting Running the Generate Installment Payments was causing double charges when the BatchPaymentsForProcessingInRecurringProcesses system option enabled with Vantiv. This issue has been fixed, now only the valid entry of payment will be displayed after running Generate Installment Payment on Vantiv portal.
25387 Accounting Batch will be closed properly without an error if a 100% discount is applied towards a prorated membership which will be sold for next year.
25500 Accounting When adding one more line item to the existing Proforma invoice, user will be able to select proforma as a payment type for the new line item.
25647 Accounting For Query Builder, User defined query (custom query) will result in proper records.
25041 Accounting Revenue for deferrals were not recognized if the associated price was no longer deferred. This issue has been fixed and now the revenue recognition process will recognize properly all the deferred revenues that are due to be recognized.
25496 Accounting In Payment Batch Header Profile, an Abandon button is implemented to release records that are not processed while running the payment batch process for creating of payment when the generate installment payment is run.
25413 Admin File Import task was getting failed with object reference error in the history child form. This issue has been fixed with the import process runs successfully.
24397 Baseline Reports/Queries Event Revenue Summary Report was counting the cancellation fee twice when there was a Guest registration. This issue has been fixed, now Event Revenue Summary Report will show the cancellation fee only to the Main Registrant and not to the Guest Registrant.
24296 Baseline Reports/Queries The Report Output window contains Print this report button at the bottom for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. For Mozilla Firefox, this functionality does not work as it does not have ActiveX controls for printing.
20452 Committees When you click Quick Report icon on the Active Participants section for the committee, a Quick Report pop-up window with all the records of Active Participants will be displayed.
22578 CRM When creating a new Mailing List for a group, the Add Mailing List form gets stuck on Loading new item state and does not get closed. This issue has been fixed and the new mailing list can be added to the Add group mailing list and it displays on the Mailing list field.
19122 CRM For Fundraising, while adding a constituent with new organization, the address information will be saved successfully even if the Billing Address fields are left blank.
25325 CRM Relationship Type field will appear and work as mandatory field when adding or editing Organization Information.
25231 CRM The DECLARE commands were not working in Query builder and with error Incorrect syntax near the keyword DECLARE. This issue has been fixed and works as expected.
24627 CRM When you are not including the email domain in EmailModeTestDomains system option, and if you are resetting the password of existing user or any activity where you ask the system to send a mail from iWeb, then no customer activity record gets created and no email gets sent.
25055 CRM When purchasing anything through iWeb with bill to and ship to address being same, duplicate confirmation emails were sent. This issue has been fixed, now if the bill to and ship to address are same, only one confirmation mail will be sent on purchasing.
25269 E-Marketing When customer purchase a product through the eWeb, and selected the Email Confirmation checkbox, the Individual's name that is on the invoice will also display on the confirmation Email that auto sent to the customer.
22737 eWeb When a customer changes their name on eWeb and immediately makes a purchase, the updated name appears on the purchase forms like Billing/Shipping Information section.
24813 eWeb In eWeb, the time performance for adding discount when the individual has multiple address, memberships, committees, and mailing lists has been improved.
25459 eWeb For Group Event Registration, when adding a group registrant in the Add - New Individual window, Organization name will be pre-populated.
25576 Fundraising If a new recurring gift order is added through the Add Gift form and a future date is selected for the first invoice date, the order detail schedule will use the date selected for First Invoice On for the first installment date not the transaction date.
25641 General The user defined SQL query builder with DISTINCT select statement will return the expected data.
23910 Membership When creating a membership package, if you select a member type that is configured for Anniversary dues, it will not display the prorated fields.
21741 Membership When running a Membership Renewal Process, the Error Details/History child forms will track any successful and failed records and displays it in the appropriate child forms.
25559 Outlook Integration For Outlook Integration, the active participants list containing committee members with no end date were not listed in the Select Contacts section of the netFORUM Contacts window. Due to this, committee members with no end date are not visible and hence, cannot be selected when sending an email. This issue has been fixed and now all active participants will be listed in the Selected Contacts section irrespective of the end date availability.
25553 Payment Processing For making any payment using PayPal Payment Method, the Transaction Report of PayPal will also display the Customer IP address.
24186 Payment Processing For any ACH payments, if an error encountered while processing payment and NetForum rolls back the transaction then those ACH transactions will be voided.

The following list contains Current UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.15 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
25465 Accounting When closing a Batch which contains a proforma invoice inside it, then the closing of batch will gets failed with a prompted system error message like, There are 1 proforma invoices in the batch, MOVE the invoices to new batch.
25452 CMS In the Edit - Website Page Detail form of Manage Websites under CMS module, when clicking the Form link it was redirecting to the website profile page. This issue has been fixed and Form link will redirect to the form profile.
23400 CRM On the Edit name & address form, the State/Territory and Country fields are now in editable mode.
25722 CRM When creating a new Mailing List for a group, the Add Mailing List form gets stuck on saving state and does not get closed. This issue has been fixed and the new mailing list can be added to the Add group mailing list and it displays on the Mailing list field.
25644 CRM In Add Chapter Relationships page, the Chapter Name field will display chapter name along with association code and chapter type in bracket.
25617 CRM For Individual/Organization profile, the URL in the profile page contains the cst_key.
25531 CRM When saving any Add or Edit forms in Internet Explorer, a javascript error Object doesn't support property or method includes occurs and the page gets stuck at saving status. This browser specific issue has been fixed and the Add and Edit page saves in Internet Explorer without error.
25590 CRM The Column headers of Query list will show column friendly name instead of column name.
25547 CRM When the System Option DataGridRowLimit has certain value set to limit the list pages with the maximum numbers of rows to display. The List pages will display the data till the set value and when the same data is exported it will export all records that are in the List.
25787 CRM Existing Labels in the Organization profile has been corrected from Full Name and Customer Sort Name to Primary Contact and Parent Organization.
25483 CRM In My Preference page, when you set Auto redirect from lists with only one record field to No, then when you search for any specific object, let say an Organization with the unique name in the Find field the page will navigate to List page which displays only the record searched.
25420 CRM On the Edit Name & Address form of the Organization profile, the Sort Name fields in the Primary Contact and Parent Organization sections will display the previously selected details with no red tint on their fields this will allow the form to be edited and saved.
24271 CRM When a child form on a Current UI profile page has an Add button, and the Add link as an override link for a Wizard form, when you click the add button, a modal window pops up with the correct Add Wizard page appears.
25441 CRM The Exporting List for an Organization when exported through Excel file was also containing GoTo Link column details along with the required ones. The exported Excel file will now only contain the required details.
23127 CRM The Edit Contact Information page of an Organization profile has been updated with correct section naming for Tax Information and Pop-up Message to match with their respective fields.
25416 Development Toolkit Regex validation works as expected when configured as an input mask on the column's md_column record.
25388 Events Registrant Profile form URL link will contain the registrant’s invoice code and invoice batch key for add Track/sessions registrant action.
25494 Events

On the Event profile, when clicking the Edit Confirmation Template link, it was giving The resource cannot be found error. This issue has been resolved and now directs to the Edit Confirmation Template page.

25604 Events On the Event Registrant Profile, the missing Register Guest link has been added in Registrant Actions drop-down list and works the same way as it does in the Classic UI.
25251 Events On the Event profile page, Price Attributes section will be displayed when you click a field in Prices child form.
25253 Events On the Event Profile > Tracks/sessions tab > Tracks child form, when you click the expand arrow on the Tracks record, user will be able to view existing Track session records and add new Track sessions record.
25642 Exhibits Missing Rooms grandchild form has been added in the Exhibit Profile -> Location tab.
25386 Framework A visibility condition for grand child form has been added that allows the Price attributes grand child form records to get displayed when you click Prices child form in Event profile page.
25435 General For DynamicList links, an extra parameter ListWhere has been added to filter the data, this will allow only the filtered table rows to be displayed. Because of this, List will return the Registrant record for one or current Event.
23144 General Chaining functionality parse variables/columns correctly.
25673 General Users were facing navigation issue and were not able to load a specific profile using the left navigation bar, page being stuck on Overview and Setup page. This issue occurred when not logged in and accessing CRM though URL. This issue has been fixed and work as expected.
25640 Membership On the Edit Chapter form of the Chapter Profile, Address fields under the Address Information section are optional.
25274 Membership For Membership Profile page >Financial tab > Invoices child form, when you click GoTo button on the Invoice field, the page gets refreshed and it will navigate to the Invoice Profile of that invoice.
25446 Membership On Membership query DynamicList page, when you click Action Item, the Renew this List drop-down option will display.