What's New in NetFORUM Enterprise 2017.1.18

This document describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

UI Conversions

Resolved Issues


eWeb Updates

As part of this build the Change Password functionality has been updated to require customer enter their current password when changing their password. If your association has customized eWeb and are using the eWeb change password method, they will also need to pass the current password to NetForum.


UI Conversions

Below is the list of pages converted to the Current UI:

Module Description
Committee > Committee Profile > Active/Future Participants Add/Edit Committee Participation
CRM > Individual Profile > Committees Add/Edit Committee Participation


Resolved Issues

The following list contains Classic UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.18 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
25232 Accounting On an Accounting Period profile, during the period close process the system will not generate an exception error while saving the transaction information on the Add - Inventory Transaction form. The Add - Inventory Transaction form now closes without error and details for the inventory transaction are saved correctly.
26057 Accounting When using Multicurrency option, a batch can now be balanced while pre-process without getting stuck at batch validation process.
25284 Accounting When running the Delete Proforma Invoices process for the first proforma invoice for a membership, the task gets completed but it was not updating the mxi_ivd_key_previous field correctly for the second proforma invoice in the database. This issue has been fixed and now the mxi_ivd_key_previous field gets updated correctly for both individual and organization.
26255 Accounting Cancelling an event registration with a cancellation fee from a closed invoice batch now updates the Batch Closed field with No flag (open) and the Transaction Date field with the cancellation batch date on the Cancellation Invoice profile.
17797 Accounting The amount format now includes comma as separator in thousand decimal place.
26123 Accounting Performance update in terms of loading time for Batch Profile > Invoices tab > Deferrals child form having large set of data.
25751 Admin When running the Delete Proforma Invoices process, the task was getting failed due to The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint error. This issue has been fixed by adding DELETE statement for Delete Proforma Invoices process to delete trm_mxi_key for the invoices. Now, when you run a Delete Proforma Invoices process, the task deletes the proforma invoice.
23015 Centralized Order Entry Previously when purchasing a product if a non-primary warehouse was selected and a shipping product applied, applying a shipping product caused the warehouse to be changed to the primary warehouse. Now applying a shipping product does not change the selected warehouse.
25747 CRM Previously in the CRM > Individuals > Audience form not all existing queries were displayed. Now all queries related to the individual object will appear in the Audience drop-down on the Add Audience form.
24374 CRM On an individual profile, if you add the same individual as a related individual which has Telephone number, Fax number and Address information added to it, and later deleting or end dating the relationship will remove the relationship without impacting the Address, Telephone number, and Fax Number information on the individual profile.
25514 CRM When adding a new organization with an international address in the Organization Name & Address Information form and validating the address, the Address Verification form now populates the correct country name in the Country field.
17752 CRM An organization having primary contact with an individual, and if the relationship reaches the set end date, then the primary relationship information will be removed from the profile information panel of both the profiles automatically.
25532 CRM On an Organization profile, the Profile Information Panel will now only display the active parent organization name in the Parent Organization field. The Parent Organization field will not display on the profile information panel if the relationship expires or is populated with future dates.
26287 CRM

Using the new LDAP Provider, you can now successfully login to iWeb using the LDAP server IP address with a valid domain. Update the LDAP setting in web.config file of iWeb with the LDAP server IP address in below format:

<LDAP url="LDAP://" domain="abila" setup="[domain]\[user]"/>

26177 E-Marketing Previously, if the selected shipping address was not the primary address, the confirmation email would not display the correct shipping address. Now non-primary shipping Address {cxs__cxa_mailing_label_html} will show correctly on the correspondence template.
26241 E-Marketing Creating a Call To Action with segments now saves the Call To Action without Foreign key constraint error.
26128 E-Marketing When sending a communicate with attachment, now system will not generate Illegal characters in path error and communicate will be send successfully.
26069 E-Marketing Call To Action now can be send with an attachment.
26339 Events On Event Cancellation Wizard, for cancelling an event registration where only a Session is purchased, selecting a different batch on the Event Cancellation Wizard will now be allowed without system reverting to the previous value.
26211 Events On Event Cancellation Wizard, while cancelling an event registration without cancellation fee will now be cancelled without any issue.
26281 Events On Event Cancellation Wizard, while cancelling an event registration, now user will be able to select a specific batch or change it even if the original batch used on the registration purchase is not closed.
25853 Events On Event Cancellation Wizard, while cancelling an event registration, if you select a different batch for cancelling the event registration, system will allows you to cancel it without generating Cannot create an invoice w/o line items error.
25036 eWeb In eWeb, when a primary contact for an organization tries to log in after the password has been reset for the individual and the organization, the user will now be able to reset their password and log into eWeb after the Force user to change password has been checked in iWeb.
23995 eWeb In eWeb, while group registering for an Event, you can now add more than ten registrants without getting SQL Server syntax error.
25936 eWeb For changing password in eWeb, individuals and organizations will now be required to enter the current password while entering the new password. A Current Password field has been added on the Change Password page to enhance the additional security of eWeb.
26217 Framework Async workflow now works correctly when using the StorageProvider to access a file.
23039 Fundraising When adding a fundraising constituent with organization through Fundraising > Constituents > Add Constituent > Add-Fundraising Constituent with Organization form, the system now saves all the secondary data ( phone number, fax number, email and website ) added to the constituent in the Contact Info tab.
25384 General Performance update for oe_discount_list stored procedure in the SQL command.
24175 Membership While transferring a calendar based deferred and non-prorated membership, the system now correctly populates the new prorated membership price on the Transfer Membership form.
26289 Payment Processing For Installment payments and Recurring Gifts tasks, the batched payment processing issues has been fixed. Now, if any payment is declined or failed by the gateway, the associated invoice will not be left in processing status. The associated payment batch detail record will get updated with the decline or fail information. The batched payment processing will continue on to the remaining payments in the batch. All the other payments in the batch will be approved or declined by the gateway.
25423 Subscriptions Performance update for Subscription Fulfillment and Subscription Renewal Process with large data sets.
25401 xWeb If you have the xWeb read only checkbox selected on your user account, it will allow you to run methods to read the data but not allow updates.


The following list contains Current UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.18 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
25565 Accounting Delete button is now available on the Edit Batch form of a Batch profile.
26230 Accounting If editing an open invoice for updating fields like: Bill to Customer, Billing Contact, and Address, the updates made in the Edit Invoice form will now be updated on the invoice profile and the same will be populated on the Edit Invoice form.
25051 Accounting When paying an invoice with credits, then on the Invoice Profile > Payments child form, the PMT. TOTAL column will not display NaN value. This column will be blank representing the null value same as in the Classic UI.
23636 Accounting When transferring a membership using cash or credit as payment method, the PMT. TOTAL column in the Invoice Profile > Payments tab > Payments child form will not set as NaN. This column now populates an appropriate value other than NaN.
26208 CRM While adding an Inherited Membership, now system will not generate data validation error for setting the Member Providing Benefits field, if the related details already added in the Member Providing Benefits field.
26022 CRM For an individual having a linked organization's address, the Address fields on the Edit Name & Address form of the individual profile has been updated to read only fields and cannot be edited from the individual profile. To edit the address, you must use the linked organization profile.
26176 CRM When adding an individual as a primary contact from the Organization Edit Name & Address form, the system now updates the profile with the new primary contact.
25830 CRM

When editing a child form whose grandchild form is expanded, the child form and grandchild form now reloads and renders correctly without needing to refresh the page.

Note: This issue may persist for Internet Explorer because the JQuery feature used for this fix is not supported by Internet Explorer.

26193 CRM If running a query in Current UI to get a result of Inactive Individuals, the query now runs once and returns the result in the Current UI.
25250 Development Toolkit New Drop-down MultiSelect widget will populate the previously saved data properly in the multiselect field on the Edit Demographics form of an Organization profile.
25259 Development Toolkit Credit amount (CDD_AMOUNT) column in the Payments (Open Batch) child form in the Form Designer page of an individual will either have no data (blank) or have some dollar amount. This column will not display NaN value.
25982 Events On the Event Profile, Delete button will now be available on the Edit Event Profile.
26092 Framework Performance update in terms of loading time for dynamic list having large set of records.
26067 General Wherever necessary, child forms now have the More Info icon.
25418 General The Report Output or Batch Reconciliation report window now opens in the normal size and the report results can be easily read.