What's New in NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.23

This document describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

Enhancements & Updates

Resolved Issues


Enhancements & Updates

  • Security Update: eWeb now supports the Google reCAPTCHA functionality which protects the eWeb site from fraudulent activities, spam, and abuse. It is a fraud detection service that stops bots and other automated attacks while approving valid users. This implementation allows the associations to set up and use reCAPTCHA versions (V2 or V3) for their eWeb site based on the association’s needs. Once the functionality is enabled, the reCAPTCHA widget or reCAPTCHA logo will appear on the following eWeb pages: eWeb Login form, Request for Email validation form, Request for New Visitor Account form, Forgot Password form, and Add a Donation form. For information on enabling and using the reCAPTCHA functionality, refer to the Enabling reCAPTCHA Functionality topic.

  • JSON over xWeb API method collections have been added in NetForum xWeb to offer an alternative to the SOAP-XML methods. JSON over xWeb methods are more compact and user-friendly in comparison with SOAP-XML. POSTMAN is the recommended testing tool for REST API endpoint testing. For information on the setup and usage of the JSON over xWeb, refer to the JSON Over xWeb Overview topic.

  • A Stop auto renew to installment link has been added to the Membership profile > Edit profile menu. The Stop auto renew to installment link will only be available to Membership profiles set for auto renewal with installment billing or installment payments.

    If a member is currently on installments and you want to renew them to a complete pay package, simply edit the membership and click the stop auto renewing to installment link.

    Once the installment details are cleared (by clicking the Stop auto renew to installment link from the membership profile), any future renewal created by the renewal task will create a proforma or terms invoice without a related installment or installment payment order.

    Additionally, an ‘Auto renew to installment’ label will now be displayed on the profile of any membership set to auto renew with installment billing or installment payments.


Resolved Issues

The following list contains Classic UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.23 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
24016 Accounting On the Add Payment | Select Invoices to Pay form, when you override the default payment amount (by entering amount greater than the default payment amount) with Auto Distribute Payment being unchecked, the system now displays the manually entered amount as the payment amount on the Add Payment | Apply Payment form. And completing this transaction now creates the overpayment credit (Invoice profile > Return/Cancel tab > Credit child form).
26633 Accounting With Multicurrency enabled, if split accounts are set for a product and the product is purchased with adjusted Sale Price, later while pre-processing the batch, the system no longer generates batch balancing error, also the Batch Reconciliation report shows the correct adjusted price.
25116 Accounting Re-allocating an inventory item from one warehouse to another now reflects the correct Unit Cost on the Inventory received child form of the Inventory Warehouse Profile.
26535 Accounting With Multicurrency configured, when using split accounts on a product with no currency set to the product, the system now allows the batch close process to complete without a batch balancing error, and - the amount gets rounded off correctly.
26836 Accounting Performance update in terms of running the Generate Payment/Returns task (Accounting > Schedule Processes) with many records in the database.
26920 Accounting Membership Collective Dues: If the local member relationships were cancelled/voided, an organization that paid for its membership is now credited back in a single credit record. Now, the organization profile will only have one credit per invoice with the amount combined for all cancelled local members.
26934 Accounting Optimized Deferrals: Revenue recognized and Revenue available for recognition reports now includes the deferral records that have NO change during the current month.
26819 Baseline Reports/Queries The Pledge Listing Report now also shows the status of pledges in the Pledge Status column. This column displays whether the pledge has been cancelled or written off, and for all the active pledges, this column will remain blank.
23524 Baseline Reports/Queries If an invoice for tracked inventory gets voided with or without adjustment, the system will no longer display this voided invoice on the Unprocessed Orders report.
26824 Baseline Reports/Queries Query Central: If a query is scheduled and delivered to email, now the query results when copied from the fileviewer.aspx (using the URL in the email) to an Excel file will display the query data in separate rows for each record.
26984 Baseline Reports/Queries Custom reports or documents (Excel format) uploaded in NetForum can now be downloaded and opened without data corruption error.
26681 Centralized Order Entry On the Centralized Order Entry | Order form, while purchasing a bundled product which includes national membership dues, the system no longer displays the 'Error: Customer does not qualify for one or more items in this bundle.' message when you click the Next button on the Bundle | Product form.
26850 Centralized Order Entry When adding an invoice, if you select a package containing subscription with multiple shipping regions, and you remove one of the shipping items from the Discount/shipping/tax field on the Centralized Order Entry - Packages | Add Packages form, while proceeding with the transaction, the system no longer includes the removed shipping price in the Line Items field on the Centralized Order Entry | Order form.
26842 CRM Google Chrome specific: On List Results, the grid lines now appear between rows when the field data is empty.
24856 CRM Deleting the Primary address for an Individual/Organization profile will now display an error message stating: "Cannot delete the primary address. Please select another address as Primary address before deleting this."
26903 eWeb

With the system option eWebValidateAccountEmail set to true, bots can no longer create accounts using the same New Visitor Registration | Create an Account page URL again on eWeb. The URL will be valid only once per load, after the page loads, you cannot use the same URL again for another registration. The system now blocks such fraud attempts by asking the customer to try again by repeating the create an account step.

Note: It is recommended to set the eWebValidateAccountEmail system option to true for security improvement. If the system option is set to false, then with an email address multiple account creation will be possible.

26960 eWeb On eWeb, while completing the transaction, the currency drop-down field no longer appears on the Payment Information form, even when the EnableMulticurrency system option is configured.
26644 eWeb On eWeb > My Profile > My Account links > My Downloads, the user can now download and open large-size document files without download failing error.
26958 eWeb Downloading any .zip file from eWeb no longer displays the "Compressed (zipped) Folder Error" pop-up window, and the file can be downloaded regardless of its size.
24690 General Performance update in terms of loading Related Products and Other Purchased Products on an eWeb merchandise profile.
26740 General PDF documents uploaded in NetForum can now be downloaded and opened without data corruption error.
26224 Inventory With the RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment system option set to true, voiding (with adjustment) an unfulfilled Fulfillment Order no longer generates a constraint error. Also, the Quantity Committed and Quantity Available columns on the Inventory items child form now get updated correctly.
26931 Inventory While attempting to use a discount program for multiple event registration, the system no longer displays Duplicate coupons found error. You can now use the discount program for the total credit hours purchased without error.
26830 Membership On transferring an anniversary-based membership, the system now correctly populates the Expire date/ Term End date based on the duration of the membership.
26818 xWeb Opt In and Opt Out communication preferences set from iWeb, eWeb, or xWeb are now returned as expected by the GetCustomerCommunicationPreference web method.
26963 xWeb The Problem with Cache Region error message no longer gets listed in the error log whenever the xWeb application starts up (with the DebugMode system option turned on).


The following list contains Current UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.23 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
22868 Accounting On the Centralized Order Entry form, now an item with a long product name on the Line Items field will not affect the Edit icon to shrink. (Fixed for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers.)
26841 Accounting When a batch is created with the Use As Default Batch? checked, if you go to Add Refund form and review the Batch field without reloading the session, the newly created batch now auto-populates on the Batch field.
26861 Accounting All the Edit forms where the Batch Dropdown widget type is available are now enhanced with the Batch DropdownAdd widget type, allowing the user to add a batch on the fly to match the ClassicUI functionality.
25412 Committees When you click the Copy Committee Setup group item link (Committee module > Management group item), the New Committee Information form now loads properly, and the existing committee details gets copied successfully.
25692 CRM The system now remembers the last tab accessed on a profile and opens with the same tab while navigating through profiles using the hyperlink in a profile.
26529 CRM With the system option EndDateRelationshipAddressOption set to SoftDelete, and the system options EndDateRelationshipHidePhone and EndDateRelationshipHideFax set to true, if an individual/constituent/household in a relationship with an organization/individual which has linked contact details (address, telephone, and fax), on end-dating this relationship, the linked record's contact details in the Addresses, Telephone numbers and Fax numbers child forms are no longer displayed on the child forms. Also, these changes now reflect without refreshing the profile or child forms.
26731 CRM On an Individual Profile > Committee tab > Add Committee Participation form, the End Date field no longer displays the 1900-01-01 value. The End Date field remains blank until the Committee Position Term Length is set to any specific period.
26161 CRM When you go to a profile from the List Individual results (which you got by applying certain search criteria in the Find Individual form) and make updates to the profile and then click the Next arrow (available at the top of the profile) to navigate to the next result, the system no longer displays the Record is deleted profile. You will now be directed to the next record based on the list result set.
26987 Membership Membership Renewal task no longer creates Installment Order for non-installment Package when the membership was previously on installments at some point.