What's New in NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.24

This document describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

Enhancements & Updates

Resolved Issues

2017.1.24.1 Patch


Enhancements & Updates

  • Event Waiver Functionality: NetForum has implemented the event waiver functionality in this service package. The functionality allows the event organizer to add a waiver required agreement to an event and makes it available on eWeb for individual registration. This functionality makes it mandatory for a registrant to agree with the event waiver before completing the registration. Adding a waiver option for eWeb registrations will save organizations time and money spent collecting and tracking waiver information. For information on the setup and usage of the Event waiver functionality, refer to the Event Waiver Functionality topic.


  • Card Consent for Initial Storage of Payment Credentials: With the evolving payment system, instances in which payment transactions are initiated with a stored credential based on a cardholder’s consent for future use have increased to significant levels. Ensuring that our customers comply with Visa and MasterCard’s consent regulations for recurring, installment, or renewal payment, NetForum has introduced the functionality which ensures that informed consent is being given by the card or account holder not just to store the payment credentials but also to use the stored credentials to perform the expected future payment transactions. For more information, refer to the Card Consent for Initial Storage of Payment Credentials topic.


  • JSON over xWeb Sample Use-cases: NetForum is providing functional examples of how to perform eight common business use-case using JSON over xWeb. These examples are delivered as Postman Collections that you can import into your Postman instance and, with minimal configuration, run them against your test system. Postman is a third-party product available for free download that is exceptionally well suited for this. Detailed documentation is viewable within Postman describing the requirements for each example and what is happening at each step. External documents cover getting started with Postman and an overview of the steps in each example. Please contact your NetForum Support Representative to obtain this documentation.


Resolved Issues

The following list contains Classic UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.24 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
27004 Accounting Optimized Deferrals: Voiding payment of a deferred membership package now removes the Deferral Schedules and updates the Deferral Header status accordingly (Status column changes from Expected to Open).
26955 Accounting On the Write off Invoices form (Accounting module > Write Off group item > Batch Write Off Process group item link), the write off batch drop-down now filters and populates batches according to the user's security group(s). Also, the write off batch drop-down field pre-populates the User's default batch (if set in the User Preferences form).
26799 Accounting Optimized Deferrals: Performance update in terms of executing the batch close process.
26709 Accounting When you return/cancel any deferred invoice that is 100% discounted and partially recognized, the project code now gets added for miscellaneous transactions in the ledger entries of a batch used to return/cancel the invoice.
27051 Accounting The BluePay hosted payment pages now load correctly with all applicable fields on a load-balanced web server.
26887 Accounting While adding a product on the COE form, if you change the source code value, the system now posts back and recalculates a net balance of the product in the line items field. The system will not calculate the net balance amount of the product for every post back.
26956 Accounting When you return or cancel partially paid/recognized installment payment orders with discounts applied, the system no longer generates a batch pre-processing error while pre-processing and closing the batch.
26912 Accounting Collective Dues: For a PaymentsReturnsGenerationTask that successfully gets completed when executing an SQL Query in the database, the system now returns records on the ac_return_x_customer table for subscription with a $0.00 amount.
26284 Accounting Once a batch is scheduled to close, the system no longer allows any further invoice to be added in the middle of the batch closing process (this was an issue for large accounting batches only). Instead, the invoice gets added to a new system generated batch.
26983 Accounting

When the user voids an installment, the system now reflects the following changes on the Order profile:

  • On the Summary child form:

    • The Void Date column will not display any data.

    • The Last Processed date will be removed only for the voided invoice.

  • On the Order profile information panel:

    • The # Of Installments field will retain the installments count.

    • The Order Closed? field will retain value as No.

  • On the Edit profile menu:

    • The Generate Next Installment action will be available to use.

21888 E-Marketing Rejection Details child form with the Export option has been added to the Prospect List Profile for capturing error details when transferring records from the prospect table to the CRM table using the transfer wizard.
27038 eWeb eWeb Security Update: The security issue related to the Edit My Primary Information form has been resolved.
27026 Framework Storage Provider now correctly loads CSS file for From Designer select.
26883 Grants

On Grant Applicant Profile > Distribute Funds: Grants now allow multiple applications for the same program in iWeb regardless of applications status. Also, the Remaining Amount field on the Grand Applicant profile information panel now populates the correct value, on the Add Grant Distribution form.

When you attempt to add distribution from Grant Distribution, an Application drop-down field has been introduced on the Add Grant Distribution form to let the user select from the remaining amount available for distribution.

25961 Inventory With the system options FulfillmentFulfillByOrder set to Yes, RegularFulfillmentOrTwoStepPackagingSlip set to Regular, and RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment set to true, on successfully processing a fulfillment order, the system now redirects the user to the Fulfillment Group Profile.


The following list contains Current UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.24 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
27002 CRM If the Mailing Label Format (CRM > Overview > Address & Phone Setup > Address tab > Country Setup > Country) uses cst_org_name_dn as one of its parameters, then on an Individual/ Constituent Profile, changing the organization information on the Edit Name & Address form now updates the organization name on the Mailing Label field available on the profile information panel.
26500 CRM When adding or editing an organization name, if you use a name that has some words capitalized and some lower, the system no longer automatically capitalizes the first letter of each work of the organization name on the profile. The system will display the name on the profile as saved while adding or editing the organization name.
21655 E-Marketing

On My Preferences form, the Html editor drop-down on the Appearance section now includes the CKEditor Rich text designer as an Html editor option. The CKEditor can be used as an alternate option for CuteEditor. Currently, the CKEditor is implemented for below mentioned forms:

  • Event Profile > Edit > Online Info > Edit Events Info Html form

  • Event > Event Session Profile > Edit > Online Info > Edit Events Session form

  • Subscription > Subscription Issue Profile > Edit > Web Information > Edit Online Information form

27061 Events An Action Bar that controls the number of records to display and the field attributes to display has been introduced for Grandchild and Great-Grandchild forms. Also, the first, previous, next, and last list navigation bar has been implemented for Grandchild and Great-Grandchild forms as available in Child forms.


2017.1.24.1 Patch

TFS/Azure ID Module Description
139192 Membership When the system option RenewMemberSendPaymentConfirmationEnabled is set to true, if membership renewals (with auto-pay membership) are pending and you run the Membership Mass Renewal Process to renew these memberships, the system now successfully completes the renewal process and adds new entries into the co_customer_activity table (Individual Profile > Correspondence tab > Communications child form).