Adding Logos or Images to Reports

In NetForum, logos and images are supported, as follows:

  • NetForum will support one stored logo image per entity (not to be confused with association).
  • Baseline report functionality will support the display of one logo on baseline reports that are designed for internal use.
  • Certain external reports like Invoices and Letters will provide the flexibility of choosing the specific image from a Client profile (co_client) under the Admin tab via a parameter. A new column will be added to either store the value of a url for an image, or a name of an image that is deployed to the Report Manager. Currently we are leaning toward using a URL, as this method could be practiced by all NetForum clients. Some of these external reports will also display other information (address, phone, fax, etc.) from the client profile chosen. The client profile is not tied to any other part of the data model, so it can be managed by users as contact information for associations, departments, or other organizational units.