Report Management Tools

From this form, you can manage your reports. Over time, new reports management utilities will be added.

Primary Panel

This panel contains child forms that show the Report Links in NetForum from which reports are run, either as form links or from report central, as well as other child forms that show reports with no links, locked reports, and reports presumed to be client reports.

Permissions Panel

The Permissions child form attempts to find stored procedures that do not have EXECUTE permissions set for the SQL Login set by the "ReportLoginUserName" system option. The child form looks for any stored procedures that begin with rpt_ and checks to see if those SPs have execute permission to the Report User, or any GROUPS to which the Report User belongs, or the public group. For this reason, it is important to follow report SP naming conventions or those SPs will be overlooked by this child form.

The Presumed Report attempts to determine the stored procedure associated with the RDL, by comparing the name of the RDL and the name of the SP. One should note the true data source is embedded in the RDL itself, so NetForum can only make an educated guess. If a SP is named "rpt_client_av_membership_roster" but the report using it is "client_av_roster_report_new", then the Presumed Report column for this SP will be empty. The only way to truly tell if the report SP has appropriate permissions is to run each report.

System Options Panel

This panel displays all reports system options in one convenient area.