The Toolkit is the engine that builds the NetForum software. The Toolkit allows you to develop NetForum Objects and Forms built around database Tables, and drives the user interface for staff users in iWeb and external users in eWeb.

An independent module itself in NetForum, the Toolkit also builds all the other NetForum modules.

Please see the following subtopics for more information.

Group Items

  • Object - The parent entity in netFORUM.
    • Data Object - Describes the database tables the Object interacts with.
    • Related Object - Related Objects and Related Object Controls.
  • Form - The presentation container of the Object.
    • Form Designer - The tool to design the layout of designed forms.
    • Form and Object Extension - Extends programming functionality to a Form or Object.
    • Child Form - Displays data underneath a Profile Page.
    • Tab - A divider on a Profile page.
    • Profile Detail - A segment on a Tab on a profile page. Can be a Form, a TabStrip, a Child Form, and other elements.
    • Search Control - A search field on a Find Page in netFORUM.
    • Lookup - Form Lookup and Lookup X-Ref.
    • Form Link
  • Wizard - Wizards string together one or more Forms, controls or HTML in a workflow. Wizards are used in iWeb and eWeb. This page includes Wizards, Wizard Forms, Wizard Steps and Wizard Form Buttons.
  • List Table - Set up table/column configuration for results from Search, Query, Lookup, and certain xWeb web methods. Also includes From Table and From Column (do not make separate pages for these, let's document all three together).
  • Application Modules - Content Group, Group Item, and Group Item Link:
    • Content Group Module. Example, CRM and Accounting are Content Groups.
    • Group Item A sub-item within a module. For example, Organization is a group item within the CRM content group.
    • Group Item Link - Navigation links within group items.
  • Metadata Lock This enables you to lock certain metadata to prevent it, and in some cases its children metadata, from being manipulated by the Upgrade Tool.
  • Dynamic Web Service and Web Service Method -- Used for certain specialized xWeb web services and for the XslGenerator control in CMS.
  • Super Search - set up tables and columns used in the NetForum site super search.

Toolkit Best Practices

  • How to add a new database Table to NetForum.
  • Add a database View to NetForum and open it up to the Query tool.