Webinars are recorded videos of Baseline NetForum functionality. They are designed to review the most commonly used parts of the modules covered.

Playing A Webinar

These webinars are recorded as .wmv (Windows Media Video) & mp4 files. To play, scroll through the list of webinars to find the topic that you are looking for and click on the webinar to start the video. Your Windows Media Player will open automatically. For the best resolution choose the "Full Screen' mode by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of the player. Note: NetForum will be releasing more webinars as they become available.

Mac Users

If you are a Mac user, we recommend Flip4Mac, a free QuickTime plug-in that allows Mac users to play Windows Media Files.


NetForum Releases

What's New Inside Fall 2022 – Release 27

What's New Inside Summer 2022 – Release 26

What's New Inside 2017.1.25

What's New Inside 2017.1.24

What's New Inside 2017.1.23

What's New Inside 2017.1.22

What's New Inside 2017.1.20

2017 Release Features


What Is The Abstract Module

Setting Up the Abstract Module

Managing Reviewers & Submissions

Abstracts in eWeb


Setting Up The Accounting Module

Setting Up The Business Unit

Creating Batches

Applying Payments to an Invoice

Voids, Returns & Cancels

Credits & Coupons

Managing & Closing Batches

Due To, Due Froms

Closing Periods

New NSF Functionality


Setting Up The Advertising Module

Adding Advertisers

Adding Agencies

Creating Invoices for the Insertion Orders


Setting Up The Awards Module

Building An Award

Adding Award Fees

Setting Up Stages & Judges

Adding & Managing Award Entries

Everything You Wanted To Know About Award Sponsors


Setting Up The Certification Module

Adding A Certification Program

Certification Program Requirements

Adding A Participant


Courses & Course Providers

Managing Participants


Setting Up The Committees Module

Creating a Committee


Adding Committee Members



What Is & What Happens In CRM?

Setting Up the CRM Module - Customer Setup

Setting Up the CRM Module - Address Setup

Setting Up the CRM Module - Customer Request Setup

Adding An Individual

Adding An Organization

Adding Additional Contact Information to a Record

Selling Memberships in CRM

Registering For An Event in CRM

Selling Products in CRM

Applying Payments to Invoices in CRM

Creating a Customer Request

Creating Assignments

User Preferences

Recent Contacts

Managing Memberships in CRM

New Messaging Feature in netFORUM Enterprise 2014

Personalizing netFORUM Tabs & Child Forms

Changes to Recent Records Functionality in 2014

Setting Up & Creating Households

Managing Households


Setting Up The Events Module

Creating An Event

Creating Sessions & Tracks

Creating Member vs Non Member Prices

Quick Sessions

Locations & The Session Scheduler

Registering An Individual

Group Registration

Cancelling Registrations

Managing Speakers & Staff



Setting Up The Exhibits Module

Creating An Exhibit

Managing Exhibits Part 1 - Setting Up Fees and Understanding the Child Forms

Managing Exhibits Part 2 - Adding Booth Numbers & Selling Booths

Exhibit Sponsorship


Setting Up The Fundraising Module

Adding a Constituent

Fun with Funds!



Purpose Codes

Giving the Donors the (not really) Free Stuff - Premiums

Bring on the Donations! Adding Gifts

Pledges & Pledge Schedules



What Is The Grants Module?

Creating A Grant or Scholarship Program

Managing Grant Programs

Funding A Grant Program

Managing Applicants


What Is The Inventory Module

Setting Up The Inventory Module

Creating Products

Creating Publications

Packages, Bundles & Kits

Member & Non Member Pricing

Creating Warehouses

Setting Up Taxes

Adding Shipping Costs

Creating Discounts

Managing Vendors

Generating Purchase Orders


What Is The Marketing Module

Setting Up The Marketing Module

Creating Templates

Creating Campaigns

Calls To Action

Mailing Lists

Prospect Lists


Setting Up The Membership Module

Creating A Calendar Based Association

Creating An Anniversary Based Association

Creating Calendar Based Member Types

Creating Anniversary Based Member Types

Setting Up Dues

Creating Membership Packages

Creating & Managing Chapters

Membership Renewals

Changing Status

The Drop Process


Setting Up The Sales Module

Creating An Opportunity

Managing Opportunities


Setting Up The Subscriptions Module

Creating A Subscription

Generating Issues

Price Points For Subscriptions