Load A/P Checks/Vouchers (Print)

Access this form using the Activities>Accounts Payable>Pay Selected A/P Invoices>Start button.

Use this form to change the printer and check Format (continuous or laser), and to enter the beginning check Number. The system displays this form after you enter session information on the Pay Selected A/P Invoices form.

The Cash Account displayed is based on the appropriate Accounts Payable checks offset. You must have set up your offsets before selecting the invoices for payment. All invoices for the designated cash account print first. If you have selected other invoices for which the offset designates a different cash account, the Load Checks form re-displays, and then prints those checks.

Note: If invoices selected for payment are tied to more than one address, using Maintain>Accounts Payable>Vendors>Address Tab>Check Address Button, the system batches payments by check address and prints one invoice per check address.


Start with Check Number: Enter the check number for the first actual check or voucher. You can set the Last Used Check Number for General Ledger type cash accounts using the Maintain>Chart of Accounts Codes form. When a check uses that cash account, the system automatically displays the next check number for that account, regardless of the form the check is being generated from.

Format: Select the format type that matches the printer—continuous or laser. If you created A/P Check or Voucher forms using the Forms Designer module, they appear in this drop-down list.

Cash Account: The system displays the cash account for the check. (The Accounts Payable check offset determines the cash account.)

Print Alignment: Click this button to properly align forms before beginning the print process.

OK: Click this button to print the checks or vouchers. Once clicked, the system displays a message informing you about the number of documents that will be processed and estimate the number of pieces of stock that will be required for printing. After the checks have printed, the system asks if there are any documents that need to be reprinted. If you click Yes, the Select Checks/Vouchers to Reprint or Delete form displays. You can then select the documents that need to be reprinted or deleted.

  • Accounts Payable offsets were created using Maintain>Offset Account Assignments.
  • To create and send the A/P Electronic payment file to your financial institution, use the Activities>Accounts Payable>Create/Send A/P Electronic Payments form.
  • Your data is designed to print on a preprinted check or voucher available online. Refer to Preprinted Checks and Forms for a list of part numbers to use when ordering.