The Admin module links closely to the Toolkit module, but the Admin module is oriented more toward User, Group, Table, Column and Security.

Group Items

  • Overview includes the following options:

    • Implementation Overview - Launches various forms for diagnostics, implementation, red flags, troubleshooting, system setup, etc. that are done in the course of implementation.
    • Clear Cache - Allows you to cause this server and all related servers to clear all cache content.
    • Dashboard - Presents a summary of the server and database names and whether Debug Mode is on or off.
  • User - A person who logs into iWeb or xWeb. eWeb Users are different.
  • Group - A security group.
  • Table - Setup information about a database table.
  • Column - Setup information about columns of a database table.
  • System Option - Configurable options.
  • Change Log - Database table that logs changes to records including old value, new value, change user and change time.
  • Database Table and Column Privileges:
    • Privilege - Security information on users' permission to select, insert, update and delete data. This is derived or propagated based on the next two items:
    • Group Table Privilege - Governs a Group's insert, select, update and delete Privileges on a database Table.
    • Group Column Privilege - Governs a Group's select (i.e. read) and update (i.e. write) Privileges on a database Table's Column.