Enabling Gift Card Processing

Gift cards are reflected as credits in the system, and can be issued to customers for purchase in eWeb or iWeb and for redemption in eWeb or iWeb. By default, gift card processing is disabled in NetForum Enterprise, but you can enable that feature if your organization issues gift cards.

This feature is available in the baseline code for version 2015.1.5 and later versions of NetForum Enterprise. Earlier versions of the product require customization to enable gift cards.

You must have administrator privileges on the system to perform this task.

This task assumes that a Miscellaneous Product has been added to the system with the product type Gift Card.

Use the following steps to enable gift card processing in the system:

  1. Verify that the product type Gift Card exists.
  2. Enter the Gift Card product type GUID in the GiftCardProductTypeGuid system option:
    1. Go to Admin>System Options>Find System Option.
    2. In the System Option field, enter GiftCardProductTypeGuid and click Find.
    3. The System Option description includes the GUID for the Gift Card product type. Copy and paste the GUID into the current setting field.
    4. Click Save.

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