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A List page can display a list of records for a List Group Item, a result list for a Query, or a result list for a Find. From the List page, you can run several other functions using the List Page Action Links located in the upper right hand corner.

Understanding the List page

The number of records returned in the list is displayed next to the list title.

Note: Page numbers appear only when the Show horizontal/vertical scrollers on lists user option is set to No.

To optimize List-page performance, your NetForum administrator might choose to limit the number of records that are returned by a List page. Your administrator can do this by partitioning certain tables in the database. If you are not seeing all the records you would like to see on the List page, try crafting a search on the corresponding Find page. On the Find page, you can remove the date constraint by clearing the Limit results to invoices added on or after [date] check box.

Navigating the List Page

Below the list title are the number of pages of results. Click on a page number to view that page. Click the Next link to view the next 10 numbers for pages. Click Previous to view the previous 10 numbers for pages.

List Page top navigation

Click on the column name to sort the list by the selected column. When you sort by a column, you see a list of letters after the page numbers. These letters are the starting character in the column. Only those letters that have matching records appear in this list. For example, if no results start with a Q, then there is no "Q" in the list. Click the linked letter to go to the page that has records with columns that begin with the letter you selected.

Note: Click the # to list the first numeric result at the top of the list.

Using the List Page

The List page offers several features, some features help you perform an action on the records you listed, others help you navigate the list itself.

Performing Actions on the Listed Records

Use the Select Modecheck box to enter a mode that allows you to select a collection of individual records that you can perform actions on using the Action Buttons.

Select Mode

The Select Mode option gives you the ability to select specific records for communication or reporting purposes. This feature is available for List Results for Individual or for any object that has the supports correspondences check box selected. See the List Page Select Mode topic for more information.

Action Buttons

The Action Buttons allow you to perform functions relevant to the list you generated. See the List Page Action Buttons topic for more information.