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The Add functionality is universal throughout NetForum. Each Add page however, varies with each Group Item. The Add functionality links you to the page where you can add records that are specific to the Group Item.

You can also add records from any List page using the Add Icon.

The Add Icon allows you to open the related Add page directly from the List page. If there is no Add Group Item Link in a particular Group Item, then the Add icon does not display on the List page.

Go to the help book for each NetForum module, and you will find a help topic specific to each Add Group Item Link.

Adding a Record from the List Page

  1. On the List page, click the Add icon.
  2. The Add page for that specific Group Item displays.
  3. Enter the appropriate data.
  4. Click Save.

Adding a Record Using the Add/Edit Drop-down

The Add/Edit Drop-down function is universal throughout all NetForum Modules. It allows you to add or edit any Type of record e.g. an address to an event registrant, without leaving your original wizard or page. Some forms include the Add OR Edit drop-down lists only. This depends on the type of form and the type of data in that form. Use the following steps to Add or Edit using the Add/Edit function for drop-down lists:

To Add or Edit a Record Using the Add/Edit Drop-down Functionality:

  1. Click the Add or Edit button to the right of the drop-down list.
  2. An Add or Edit window opens.
  3. Enter or edit the appropriate data.
  4. Click the Save button.