Complementary Products

Complementary Product
A product that accompanies or is related to another product or service that can be purchased in conjunction with that primary product.

Example: Offering technology manuals to a related session of a conference, Gifts or products for an event registration, Up-selling products-a hat, that complements a T-Shirt etc.

Offering a Complementary Product gives you the ability to group and up-sell products that are pertinent to a specific item or event.

Complementary Products are added to an order through Centralized Order Entry.


  1. In the Actions section of COE, click (or hover over) Complementary Products. The Complementary Products menu will display.
  2. Click Add of the complementary product you wish to include in the order.
  3. The Centralized Order Entry - Merchandise page will display.
  4. On this page, you can:
    1. Edit the Sale Price and Quantity
    2. Apply Discounts and Shipping that will apply to that product ONLY.
    3. Add Substitute Products or Product Prerequisites.
  5. Click Save.


A Complementary Product can also be added on any Product Profile page (merchandise, publications, subscriptions) and is displayed on the complementary product child form, on the Affiliated Products tab.

eWeb Shopping Cart

Complementary products can also be displayed in NetForum's Shopping Cart as shown in the nearby image. See main article for more.