Product Prerequisites

Product Prerequisites are merchandise items, subscriptions or publications that must be purchased with or prior to the purchase of another or primary product. Note that although any product can be configured to require a prerequisite, at this time only products of the Product Type listed above can be a prerequisite.

The Product Prerequisite link is on the Inventory Module group items overflow menu.


The Add — Product Prerequisite page will display. Select a Product from the product drop-down list and a prerequisite product for purchase from the prerequisite drop-down list i.e. you must purchase Foundation dues prior to ordering your 2007.01 Subscription — 2008.

You can order both products simultaneously by selecting allow in the same order? check box.

A Product Prerequisite can also be added on any Product Profile page (merchandise, publications, subscriptions). Select the Affiliated Products tab, select the add button on the prerequisites child form. The same window will display with the product field automatically populated.

The Product Prerequisitewill now display on the prerequisites child form and that particular product will be removed from the prerequisites drop-down list on the Add — Products Prerequisites window.