Copying a Product

If you are adding a new product that is very similar to another product already in the system, you can copy the product information using the copy product feature. This functionality will allow you to choose an existing product/price/attribute you want to copy from, default the values from that existing product/price/attribute to your new one, make any changes (such as changing the product name, prices, revenue account, etc.), and then save the new product, price and price attribute. Note that this feature will not copy over all of the price(s) and price attribute(s) of the first product. The first product is used just to help get you started in creating the initial product, price and price attribute.

To Copy a Product (Including Price Information):

  1. Go to the Inventory module.
  2. Click the Copy Product group item link in the following Group Items:
    • Merchandise
    • Publication
    • Kits
    • Misc. Product
  3. The Copy Product page displays.
  4. Select the product type and Product name for the product that you want to copy by searching for the existing product you wish to copy. Once you make your selection, the remaining fields on the page will take the values from the product that you copied.
  5. Enter the new product name.
  6. Enter the new product code.
  7. Click Copy. The Product_Merchandise Copy Complete message displays and the new product is added to the system.

Note: You will need to edit some of the existing information for the new product.