What's New in NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.25

This document describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

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Enhancements & Updates

UI Conversions

Resolved Issues

2017.1.25.1 Patch


Enhancements & Updates

  • NetForum iWeb application now supports Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to provide an additional level of security to your iWeb application. As a part of this implementation, NetForum provides support to authenticate iWeb users using Microsoft Authenticator. By configuring the MFA support with the iWeb application, a Sign in with Microsoft button appears on the login page. Upon selecting the Sign in with Microsoft button, you are required to enter a valid credentials (added through the Azure Active Directory) and then complete the authentication request using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone. For more details on configuring and using the MFA support, refer to the Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Support topic.

  • Instead of changing the existing forgot password template through the web.config file, users can now set it using the ForgotPasswordTemplateEWebGUID/ForgotPasswordTemplateIWebGUID system options. These system options are differentiated based on iWeb & eWeb. For changing the template, you are required to enter the template key of the desired correspondence template in the Current Setting field of the system option. When the password reset is initiated using the Forgot your password? link on iWeb/eWeb, the system will use the designated template to send a correspondence email.

  • The customer record number (cst_recno) column has been added to the Membership Renewal Process and Member Renewals Reports. The cst_recno column helps you in differentiating the customers having the same member name. The cst_recno column has been placed before the member name column in the report.

  • Current UI: For ease of navigation, the Go-To Arrow has been placed on the left side of records on every list page and child form (including grand and great-grandchild forms).

  • As announced in the newsletter in May 2021, .NET Framework 4.5.2, 4.6, and 4.6.1 reached the end of support on April 26, 2022, and after this date, the Microsoft team will no longer provide updates including security fixes or technical support for these versions. For additional information please refer to https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/net-framework-4-5-2-4-6-4-6-1-will-reach-end-of-support-on-april-26-2022/.

    NetForum product has upgraded (retargeted) their projects to .NET 4.8 for this release. The NetForum team strongly suggests the recompilation and validation of all customizations, including custom integrations, that rely on a NetForum baseline DLL.


UI Conversions

Below is the list of pages converted to the Current UI:

Module Description
Accounting Accounting > Credit > Transfer Credits > Transfer Credits
Accounting Accounting > Invoices > Invoice Profile > Add > Return/Cancel > Return
CRM CRM > Individual Profile > Add > Request > Add Customer Request
CRM CRM > Organization Profile > Contact Info tab > Addresses > Add Address
Inventory Add/Edit Price Attributes - Centralized


Resolved Issues

The following list contains Classic UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.25 service pack. The TFS/Azure issue number is included for your reference.

TFS/Azure ID Product Area Description
134035 Accounting When a discount product comes with a set number of uses, if you use this discount while purchasing a product and then cancel the invoice, the system no longer includes the invoice cancellation to determine the number of uses of the discount product. Also, if the set number limit has been reached for the discount product, the system will display an error message indicating there are no available discounts.
124052 Accounting The system no longer allows you to perform a payment Chargeback (the Chargeback link will not be available in the Edit profile menu on the Payment profile) for an invoice or invoice line item that has been returned/cancelled.
137311 Accounting When you add a line item to a partially paid invoice and make a partial payment to the line item invoice (-1 invoice), and then pay fully (including the main invoice), if you subsequently return the -1 invoice, and then return the main invoice in a separate step, the system now correctly calculates the sum of the credit amount available from the Return/Cancel transactions.
138661 Accounting Optimized Deferrals: If there is a voided invoice in a batch and you edit the batch to move the Batch Date and Period to the future, the system now allows you to save the updated batch information.
133884 Accounting Enhances security on an eCommerce-related xWeb method.
128191 Accounting When an inventory product is re-allocated between warehouses, the system no longer creates GL transactions for this re-allocation on the Miscellaneous tab of the batch. The Edit > Inventory Transaction link on the Inventory Warehouse profile will remain disabled when the inventory product is re-allocated between warehouses.
117048 Centralized Order Entry While the system options NewMemberSendConfirmationEnabled and RenewMemberSendConfirmationEnabled are disabled, if a new membership is purchased or an existing membership gets renewed, the system now respects the current setting values of the system options and does not send a confirmation mail to the member.
58255 Committees When you click the List Participants icon/link on a Committee profile, the system no longer displays non-active members (the list will not show the end-dated participants) in the List Committee Participation form.
135296 CRM With the system options CalculateCEUMethod set to No Certification Required, EventRecognizeCEU set to Post-Event, and ProductRecognizeCEU set to Paid, if an individual registers for a paid event with a free session, the system now awards the Session CEU Credit to the individual when the CEU Credit Generation task is successfully run after completion of the event.
115829 CRM

While adding an individual, if you select one of the countries listed below, the system now displays the address sub-form based on the country selection and no longer results in a Postal Code is Invalid error.

This issue impacted the following countries only:
























137608 CRM On an Organization Profile > Edit Name & Address, when you make changes to the organization name, the updates made to the organization name now reflect correctly on the Billing address Mailing Label.
138181 CRM When a customer's primary address is linked to their primary organization, if you attempt to change the primary organization without unlinking the primary address, then the system now displays an error stating, "You must first unlink/update the customer's primary address before changing their primary organization."
101480 E-Marketing When the correspondence template for a purchase confirmation email is based on Invoice or Invoice Detail objects, the system now correctly parses the invoice and invoice detail values into the confirmation email.
119399 Events On Event > Quick Event Group Registration Wizard, when registering for an event with a discount applied through discount programs, the system no longer generates a 'Discount Cannot be applied to this product' error.
138063 Events When the EnableMulticurrency system option is set to true, the Event Revenue Summary report now displays the correct currency symbol.
133524 eWeb With the system option DuplicateEmail set to Deny, the system no longer allows visitors to create multiple accounts by combining use of the BACK button on the web browser and use of the same email address on eWeb.
79996 eWeb The Password Request Sent Activity (Individual profile > Correspondence tab > Communications child form) now displays the correct date when the communication from eWeb is received for the Password reset activity.
133907 eWeb While creating or updating Requirements for an online-available Certification Program, if you hide or soft-delete any requirements, then on eWeb > Add Certification Program Participant form, the hidden or soft-deleted Requirements no longer be displayed on the Other Enrollments field for the Certification Program.
137690 eWeb With the system option eWebAllowShipToPerLineItem set to False, if an eWeb user adds a non-primary address as a shipping address for an order, the Shopping Cart | Receipt page now displays the correct shipping address in the Shipping group child form (available at the top of the page) on order completion.
138172 eWeb While placing an order on eWeb, if you initially enter incorrect payment information and submit the order, then edit the payment information and submit the order again, the system now sends an order confirmation email.
138556 eWeb When the baseline image folder size (MaxImageFolderSize) in the Default.config file is increased, the image folder size will no longer be set back to the original size.
137394 Framework Crowd Wisdom Integration: When you sync a product from NetForum to Crowd Wisdom, the product description field in NetForum no longer syncs up to the product description field in Crowd Wisdom. This update is intended to restrict the product description field syncing from NetForum to Crowd Wisdom and allow the user to manage the description field in Crowd Wisdom.
128209 Framework When a user overrides the default SQL for a query and includes literal character strings in the select list and then exports the file to the Export to ASCII Delimited/CSV format, on the exported file, the literal character strings now remain in the same case as mentioned in the query.
134087 Inventory When adding a non-deferred price record to an Event or Session with a start date, the system no longer populates the Recognize After (prc_recognize_after_date) date.
132765 iWeb and eWeb When the system option DuplicateEmail is set to Deny, if a user attempts to add a duplicate Email address, the system now prevents save of the duplicate email with an error message stating, 'This email address already exists in the system and cannot be repeated.'
138218 Payment Processing BluePay Portal now displays the invoice number of a purchase made using the AMEX credit card.


The following list contains Current UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.25 service pack. The TFS/Azure issue number is included for your reference.

TFS/Azure ID Product Area Description
137770 Admin If a user is not associated with any Admin group, then the system will not display the Edit table list setup button on any List pages to the user. Only the Admin group associated users will access the Edit table list setup button on List pages.
138233 CRM On the User Home Profile > My Assignments tab, now you can organize the records in the child forms by Reminder Date/Due Date.
121315 CRM With the system option UseEmailForAuthorization set to False, the Web Login field (available on Individual record > Edit Web Login Info > Web Login Information form) is now editable. The user can add/edit the web login successfully.
134514 CRM With the system option DuplicateEmail set to Warn, if you attempt to add or update a duplicate Email in the Edit Contact Information form, the system will display a pop-up message 'The email address already exists in the system. Continue?' with the OK and Cancel button on it. Upon clicking the OK button, the system now saves the duplicate Email.
137074 CRM While adding an assignment in the 2017UI, the system will send an email to the assigned user on save.
128083 CRM If you edit an assignment and reassign it to a different user, upon saving the change the system now sends an email to the reassigned user.
137368 Events

If you are using CuteEditor as an Html editor option (set in the My Preferences form) and facing the below-mentioned issue, NetForum recommends switching the Html editor option from CuteEditor to CKEditor.

Issue: On an Event Profile > Edit > Online Info > Edit Events Info Html > HTML Description section, when you update the description in the HTML view and save it in the Normal view, the Edit Events Info Html form saves the Normal view with HTML tags.

137576 Framework List Table results based on an extender column value now sort correctly for text fields with numeric and blank values.
135432 Framework On a child form where a checkmark (Boolean) is populated in a column, if you click the column header, the system now sorts all the results correctly.
130347 Inventory On a Purchase Order Profile > Edit > Receive Inventory, when you select Receive Inventory, the Edit - Receive Purchase Order form now loads as a modal form with all the correct fields.
133910 Membership On the List Membership Renewal Task form, when a list includes a date column such as "Add Date" if the date column is used for sorting, the system will display the records in the correct date value order.


2017.1.25.1 Patch

TFS/Azure ID Module Description
137537 Accounting As a part of this patch, a new system option PaymentProcessorMaxPreAuthAgeInDays has been added to the system. This system option enables an admin user to define the maximum age for a previously obtained preauthorization. The PaymentProcessorMaxPreAuthAgeInDays system option will force new authorization if the previously obtained preauthorization is older than the number of days in the Current Setting field of the system option. For more details, refer to the PaymentProcessorMaxPreAuthAgeInDays topic.
139192 Membership When the system option RenewMemberSendPaymentConfirmationEnabled is set to true, if membership renewals (with auto-pay membership) are pending and you run the Membership Mass Renewal Process to renew these memberships, the system now successfully completes the renewal process and adds new entries into the co_customer_activity table (Individual Profile > Correspondence tab > Communications child form).