Quick Report

NetForum provides Quick Reports from the List Page, Profile Page, and query result pages through Reporting Services.

To Access Quick Reports From the List Page:
  1. On the List page, click the Quick Reports icon in the upper right hand corner.
  2. The Quick Report sub-menu will display.
  3. If the Quick Report sub-menu option is selected, an Individual Query Report is prepared as seen below.
  4. The Individual Query Report details such information such as First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, and contact information (from the Individual List) and so forth.
  5. This report can be exported as well using the Export drop-down menu at the top of the report.
  6. If the individual mailing labels (Avery 5160) option is selected, mailing labels can be created.

Reporting Services

Though it appears that there are less options with Reporting Services, click the green icon on the left, an additional page displays with options to view the list in HTML, Excel, PDF, or XML.

You can then click the icon to export to the desired option. You can optionally choose to set advanced options by clicking the link in the lower right corner.

This provides several display options for the selected data. The default settings are dictated by the template named in the ReportApplicationRSDyanmicReport system option, and the data will display according to this template by default. Any settings chosen in the advanced settings area are alterations or additions to the template for the display of the data that has been selected. The template is not permanently changed.