What's New in NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.16

NetForum Enterprise 2017.1.16 offers an updated user interface and form designer, new features and resolved issues. This document describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

New Features and Enhancements

Resolved Issues

New Features and Enhancements

Current UI Enhancements

The following list contain enhancements related to Current UI in NetForum 2017.1.16 service pack:

Product Area Description
Admin To remove the dependency of Microsoft Access Jet Data Base for document Import and Export in NetForum 2017 version, excel OleDbConnection has been replaced with ExcelDataFactory. The ExcelDataFactory comes from a Nuget package and it does not use the OLE DB Connection.
Framework To improve the data entry speed in NetForum, you can now use Alt + S keyboard shortcut key to save the any record.

Cute editor implemented.


To improve the user experience of the Sales module, Primary Contact Information has been Included at the top of the Sales Account Profile card.

UI Conversions

Below is the list of pages converted to the Current UI:

Module Description
Accounting Add/Edit Batch
Admin Add/Edit Keyword Category
Admin Add/Edit Email Alias
Admin Add/Edit Role
Admin Integrations profile
Awards Add/Edit Award
Case Management Add/Edit Process
CMS Add Documents
Committee Committee Profile
Committee > Participation Add/Edit Committee Participant
Committee > Nomination Add/Edit Nomination
Dev Add/Edit Content Item
Inventory Add/Edit Product Category
Marketing Add/Edit Survey
Membership Add/Edit Association
Subscriptions Discount Program profile

Subscription Issue profile

Note: To add multiple issues to a subscription at once, go to the subscription profile, click the Edit tab and then click Issues from the displayed drop-down list.

Toolkit Add/Edit SubformLookUp
Toolkit Add Workflow Rule

Resolved Issues

The following list contains Classic UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.16 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
25819 Accounting If the System Option BatchExportFormat is set to Great Plains, and on the Batch profile, when you close and post a batch, the Batch profile will now show the list of relevant header and detail files entries in the Export File(s) child form under Ledger tab.
25057 Accounting Ledger entries on Batch profile for Invoice transaction type line items for chosen GL account type will display the project key which has been set for Price of the product.
25315 Accounting Performance update for adding gift for Organizations with many records.
25475 Accounting On clicking Post multiple batches on Accounting Period profile when the system option BatchExportFormat is set to Great Plains, Header and Details files are exported successfully and the Batch profile will show list of all Header and Details exported files.
25428 Accounting When you pay off an installment payment Order in full, the Order Closed flag will set to Yes in the Order profile page.
25688 Accounting

When a payment is made using Authorize Net Vault payment method, the payment gets complete, and in SSMS, AuthorizeNetVaultProcessor creates cpi (ac_customer_payment_info) record and store the vault account "ac_payment_info.pin_vault_account".

24649 Accounting Once a discounted membership is paid and its deferral is generated, a deferral for the remaining portion of the discount that was consumed should be generated as well.
25585 Accounting The Credit Card/ACH transactions processed in batch mode by a Scheduled task will be voided if NetForum encounters an error while recording the payment.
25297 Accounting Performance update for query execution of new Deferrals child form.
22829 Accounting If an invoice includes multiple line items with a discount applied to these line items, when this invoice is voided with Adjustment, then the batch report will display accurate ledger entries without duplication of ledger entries.
25749 Accounting

While using iWeb/eWeb on Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, if the payment transaction using BluePay Hosted/Mobile Payment. gets declined, then the system directs the user back to the payment page allowing user to edit payment and resubmit without ending User session.

Note: If the issue persists, please contact NetForum Technical Support.

24686 Accounting Performance update for executing period revenue recognition process.
24717 Case Management The workflow process added for a case type in the Case Category Profile will be displayed in the Workflow Processes child form of the Case Profile.
25085 Centralized Order Entry In iWeb, while purchasing a product from individual account, if the billing customer is set to an organization, the billing contact drop-down field will only populate the individual address as an option and not the organization set as primary contact. In case of eWeb, if you login as an individual and change customer to an organization in the Shop as field, then on payment information page, the billing contact drop-down field will populate the individual option for selection, not the organization.
18978 CMS Blank favicon url and unselected enable ajax? check box on the Edit-Web Site page will not do an additional get request in Fiddler. One Get Request and one Get Response record will be displayed in Fiddler.
24961 CRM Document uploaded in iWeb with special character will now open and will be saved without 404 error.
25689 CRM Start date and End date for Subscriptions does not change after applying the mass payment from Organization profile.
25140 CRM Performance update for changing relationship end date on Individual profile for an Organization/Chapter being a donor and having large set of member relations.
25527 CRM Performance update for adding product to an invoice for a chapter having large set of relationship records.
19773 CRM When you have DeleteMethod system option set to Soft and you add an object to recent activity and then delete it. When you try to re-add it, the system will allow you to add the same object again without errors getting logged in database.
25518 CRM If you use Create SQL/Modify SQL to customize a query for Address Correction of individuals, it will only pick results applicable to the user defined query and not all individuals for address correction.
25659 CRM When you merge two individuals in the Combine/Merge Records form, both of them having same Areas Of Expertise, then the records will get merged without the system trying to insert the duplicate record.
25758 CRM A-Score Customer Action Type task gets successfully completed when {CurrentDate} is set in the Workflow Rule.
24572 CRM While inserting new individual from file import with individual demographics record, the User defined Demographics field name will be displayed on the Individual profile properly after the Individual file is imported in database.
23906 CRM Virtual Earth map/icon is updated to latest version.
25898 CRM When using select mode in the individual list page, only the selected individuals using check box for selecting individuals will be exported.
25181 CRM The E-mail optout child form will not display previously opted out records, if Mailing List is set to Undecided option in the Mailing Type from Opt-out option.
25869 CRM For a query, where the Distinct check box is not selected, the Create SQL will not include DISTINCT keyword in the Query Builder form.
25930 CRM When adding relationship to an individual in the Related Individuals child form, the record will be saved without getting Data validation error from the application.
25923 CRM When querying Individual with Membership criteria, the query will produce appropriate results without generating "Invalid column name 'mbr_add_date'" error.
25913 CRM When you select Individuals check boxes in the List Individuals page to generate a report for Individual mailing labels, the reports will display all records. Select mode and selecting boxes in Classic UI will make no difference to the report.
20624 CRM Phone and Fax numbers will be masked while saving the record with parentheses and hyphens.
25677 CRM If you Query Organization where organization name has special characters, the resulting records will be successfully exported to CSV format and the records with special characters gets displayed correctly.
21738 Development Toolkit The invoice numbers for which you open the Profile will be displayed in Recent Records tab.
25156 Development Toolkit In Workflow Designer, you will be able to create Web Service workflow tasks with all the required options available.
24418 E-Marketing Order Fulfillment Confirmation email will display item only once in the list, there will be no duplication of same item in the list.
25457 E-Marketing Even if the Windows Service is not privileged to access event logs, Call to Action gets proceeded and sends templates to customer returned in query.
20300 E-Marketing If a Scheduled Call To Action is deleted, then no emails will be sent after the scheduled time passes.
25664 E-Marketing When an eMarketing template with an image is exported to Individuals in the Word file, the image will be displayed in the downloaded word file.
25807 Events For Event Registrant Profile, Cancellation, Refund or additional transfers are working as expected for an event registration if the registrant was already transferred within the event. The Registration invoice line items will be displayed to allow for cancellation.
24388 eWeb When a product is in a non-default Business Unit, then eWeb will create a payment using a non-default Business Unit for both shipping and payment methods.
24369 eWeb The system unsets the ReadOnly property after a read only address is saved and the system will not affect other sessions ability to edit or add addresses. That is, if an individual does not have address linked with organization, then Address fields on Edit page (billing address) will be in editable mode.
25262 eWeb If the user clicks edit for an address in the eWeb checkout, the address fields will be available for editing.
21822 Exhibits On Exhibit profile, while editing a Booth Cancellation Fees or Booth Personnel Fees, the record gets saved without generating SQL Server syntax error.
25897 Framework For Import File in Marketing module, the task created for existing file import gets completed and the Existing import file definition succeeds for TXT or CSV files without task object reference error.
25463 Fundraising When upgrading/downgrading a pledge if you use available Credit for making payment of a pledge installment order, it will be reflected as payment in the no. of paid payments field on the Edit Fundraising Pledge Upgrade / Downgrade page.
25672 Fundraising When adding a FAX number in the Contact Info of Constituent Organization profile, the FAX number will be saved without SQL error.
25929 Fundraising Performance update for adding gift for a Constituent type Chapter/Affiliate.
25607 Fundraising If you set the DeleteMethod system option to hard, and then you delete any Soft Credit record from the Edit-Soft Credit window on the Gift profile, the record will be removed from the Soft Credits child form without generating error.
25619 Fundraising While editing a Soft Credit record in Gift profile, if you Delete or select the hide/disable record? checkbox for the Soft Credit record then the record will not be included in the Soft Credits child form.
25575 Fundraising Add Payment button is visible on the Pledge profile for ALL pledge types (Verbal, Signed and Recurring). When you click the Add Payment button from the Pledge profile, the system will check for the existing future dated installment. It will use that installment record to generate the invoice and then allow the you to apply payment.
23493 General Import File Task with Object - CentralizedOrderEntry will import the data successfully to the respective individuals.
24500 General In Query Builder Tool, when you edit a subquery in the Sub-Query Builder form, the updated changes will get saved.
24331 Inventory When a shippable/tracked merchandise, product is purchased and processed for Order Fulfillment, the order will be listed under the search results of Fulfill Orders page on the Order Fulfillment Process.
24837 Inventory Valued Inventory report now displays the accurate data for Qty Received, Qty Available and SUM (Qty Available) considering all quantity adjustment.
25699 Membership When re-joining a prorated membership, the price will be calculated based on today's date that is, on re-joining date and not on original joining date.
25805 Membership If a membership was edited to allow installment payments, then the membership renewal will be processed with installment payments.
25889 Membership Performance update for generating Invoice for Membership Renewal.
21600 Payment Processing On the Add – Refund form, when changing the Refund Type or Batch options from their fields, the Refund CC/ACH/PAYPAL checkbox for the Credits can now be selected or unselected as required.
25754 xWeb When loading xWeb, no error will be logged in the SQL fw_error_log table.
25825 xWeb

If the system option TradeOrganizationFlag is set to True, and an individual (which has an organization as primary contact) logs into eWeb to pay for an existing proforma invoice for themselves, then the invoice will be generated under the individual and all payment records will be under the individual.

Note: The fix for this issue includes a breaking change. The Bill To Customer field on the Payment page has been changed from bcs__cst_sortname_dn to bcs__cst_name_cp.


The following list contains Current UI issues that were fixed in NetForum 2017.1.16 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.

Netsuite ID Product Area Description
25593 Committees On the List-Committee page, when you click Quick Report, then the Quick Report renders without error.
25729 CRM On the Organization profile, under the Relations tab, when you type the name of an Individual in the search field of the Individuals child form, the search results to the typed text will be displayed.
25702 CRM When adding a new mailing list, system will not display server error on clicking Process and add to mailing list button. Records will be added to the new mailing list.
25723 CRM Fields and their values on the Individual and Organization profile are now consistently aligned.
25912 CRM When you select few Individuals from the List Individuals page and click the Email to This List in Communicate tab, the selected records will be displayed on the Send Correspondence form and on clicking the Send Messages Now button, a pop-up window will display the number of selected records.
25676 CRM CDYNE address validation will populate the Record Type in the Adr_record_type_code field on the Edit Name & Address from of the Individual/Organization profile.
25729 CRM If you have set user preferences to automatically open child forms, on refreshing the profile page, child forms will automatically open.
24971 CRM When setting an individual as org primary contact in Organization profile and later switching the org primary contact to another individual, the Relations Individual child form will be updated after the edit and the new individual will be flagged as primary contact. The name of the individual will be auto updated in the Full Name field of detail profile section.
25913 CRM While selecting Individuals from List Individuals page for Individual Mailing Labels reports, only selected individuals will be listed in the Report Output window.
25895 CRM When you search an Organization by its Organization Name in Find Organization page, the required records will appear for the search results without error.
25887 Events When adding quick group registration for an event, the registrants of the group will reflect in the Registrants child form of the Events Registrant Group profile.
25748 Framework Users will not be able to see GoTo/Edit/Delete/Add links if their permissions in Child Form Group Permissions child form do not allow them to.
25707 Membership The breadcrumb section of the Membership profile displays the proper navigating order.